Canon Photo Thursday #40

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  1. All usual rules, 1000pix max, up to 3 photos etc.

    Last friday i was at the opening of the expo for Art For Animals in Amsterdam.
    My niece had some of her usual sugar work, you all know that..
    So here's some more exceptional stuff.
    First a cat in a box with glued on glass eye's.
    The light at the place was real bad.. had to resort to the 50 1.4 to get something.
  2. How to describe a wire mess..
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  3. There were some 120 artist participating in the expo.. it was a bit crowded at the opening.
    Somehow i liked this work.
    Again 5d2 50 1.4
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  4. I like the rhino as well. It's very unique and fun.

    Anyway, another picture of Harald. The weather doesn't really lend itself to outdoor activities. The websharpening script I have over-sharpens this one... I know.
    5D Mark IV, 24-70 2.8
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  5. Four different styles of Buddha temple in one place. This one, Thai style ...
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  6. Myanmar style ... MyanmeseBuddhaTemple.jpg
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  7. Indian style ...
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  8. EE2E54DD-207A-49EE-B476-D60FD6053BDD.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  9. D9BE2A48-3048-4B2A-B914-37FCE2A5355E.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  10. 6D2852B7-3C27-48F4-8A88-F2CD4C4EF0C5.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
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  11. Sunrise this morning, through the medium-level amount of smoke from the Wine Country fires 12 miles north of here.
    Eos 7D, 85mm lens.

  12. Tourists at Grand Central Terminal. 16-35 f4 IS
    New York City Trip 09 2015 2.jpg
  13. I got my 70D back from repair. I'm very happy! Bee and Dahlia.jpg
  14. Andy Warhol: “Art is what you can get away with.”

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