Canon photo #52 December 28 2017

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  1. Last thursday of the year, someone should have warned me.. i'm still need at least some 15 extra thursdays..
    Best wishes to all, good health, and lots of great photo's etc etc.
    As usual up to 3 photo's , 1000 pixels max size.

    Here's one of Brass Band Gelderland. Last saturday they had a concert in Vorden
    Band and choir were too big for the church, left little space to move and get good angles.or i could say i need to buy me a wider wideangle.. picture shows only half of the band..
    Sound recording came out nice. (my mics got in the picture..)
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  2. and some from last week in Gouda. This is Phyllotaxis by Joris Strijbos and Daan Johan.
    It were beams with lights on it that spun round very fast, some 3 meters wide.. each..
  3. and the obligatory work by my niece Mayke Verhoeven.
    Sugar handgranates, chrismassy or not..
  4. Gingerbread houses, people, dogs and even a gingerbread batman in the making...
    5D Mark IV, 24-70 2.8
  5. I'll follow in jdebever's footsteps.

    First up, music.

    5D Mark II, 24-105 f/4L
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  6. Lights

    30D, 24-105 f/4L
  7. Glass

    30D, 24-105 f/4L
  8. 62694A7E-E0DA-401A-B385-A1B8C6E0439D.jpeg
    5D mkII
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  9. 0B2AC2F3-C796-4A45-8F7F-2518EE0317B1.jpeg
    5D mkII
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  10. Taken December 28, 2017, on the Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County, PA. We are having a bit of a cold snap, but these geese seem to be enjoying a lazy day at the beach.
    Wildlife in nature is pretty amazing.
    Geese Tyler 600mm x 2400-5119.jpg
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  11. Taken December 28, 2017, in Core Creek Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This young deer's coloring is so perfectly matched to camouflage with the natural environment.
    Deer Core Creek 600mm x 2400-5192.jpg
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  12. I have never seen these before, they are like something from a bygone era in the penny candy counter.

    A little like rootbeer barrels with a politically incorrect edge.
  13. A computer controlled light show with music. 5DMk IV ISO 6400 _A0A6766.jpg
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