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  1. If it’s ok I will start the thread.

    Up to 3 photos max 1000 pix.


    5D mkIi Helios 44-2 EF25II
  2. 819E433C-C507-415F-A86F-935598D582E7.jpeg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2 EF25II
  3. 10DD1EDE-4E7D-468C-B368-F63439A9254C.jpeg

    5D mkIi Helios 44-2 EF25II
  4. Monarch and Skipper_.jpg
    Monarch & Skipper - 80D & 18-400mm lens.
  5. Canon 5D MK IV
  6. According to the legend, there are four cairns in Kyrkesund that was formed when St Olav turned trolls into stone. His ship was so fast it is also told that it split the land in two creating a canal now known as Kyrkesund.
    Well, who knows.
    5D Mark IV, 24-70mm
  7. Here are a few from Burgers Zoo butterfly exhibit.
    and a flower..
  8. Vancouver-Stanley-e.jpg
    Stanley Park
    (nothing to do with Livingstone)
  9. Great story.
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