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  1. As usual, up to 3 photo's, 1000 pixels max size.

    I didn't photograph much this week.
    So here's some flowers from the garden. Not the best shots, i've been experimenting a bit..
    I'm from Holland, so we need some tulips.
    They were swinging in the wind. tried to capture that. (100iso/F22)
    The slugs are eating my flowers.
    and some slugs hiding in the half eaten daffodils.
  2. This was taken back in February but the local news today reported that there are so many birds migrating back north today that they show up on the weather radar. _A0A7937.jpg
  3. MO-MBG-tulips-0422_014.jpg
    April 22
    Canon 24-105
  4. 4F5C719A-39E2-4B7E-B2E8-E24AE42A692A.jpeg

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
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  5. 2E7123FC-8F55-4E53-8EB5-048C2726A7B0.jpeg

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
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  6. 2E044DA5-C1AB-49C7-92EE-3D6566EBB68D.jpeg

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
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  7. Here's a few from Cars of Kiawah concourse last weekend... if you can't tell, I favor the British section ;) carsofkiawah4-1.jpg

    5D3 - 24-70/2.8 - 39mm, f10, 1/500, ISO400
  8. The engine details are often my favorite part of the show...

    5D3 - 24-70/2.8 70mm, f8, 1/640s, ISO400
  9. Last but not least the infamous Jag...


    5D3 24-70/2.8 - 70mm f10 1/800s ISO400
  10. Caught some fog on the meadow this week. Looks nice in black-and-white.
    Canon 5D Mark IV, 24-70mm, 2.8

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