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  1. Hope everyone has had a good week of photography and having fun with their Canon gear.

    I am starting this week's Canon EOS Photo Thursday Thread. The usual photo size rules apply, post up to three images taken with your Canon EOS equipment. :)

    BSA side crop x 2400-8529.jpg
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  2. B&W Selfie x 1800-0029.jpg
    Groovy cheap sunglasses. lol
  3. This week, I thought I'd post three where the sky features prominently . . .

  4. 82F14D4B-FA4C-47C0-A54C-1E8B4C978C80.jpeg

    5D mkIi Tamron 90mm macro
  5. CF1683D6-78BE-496D-82E4-DA2C671D95E8.jpeg

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
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  6. 7F471DA8-D99D-4AA4-BD6A-FF36C0974C52.jpeg

    5D mkII Tamron 90mm macro
  7. Thank you Mark, i completely forgot it is thursday today.
    I was busy editing music files. (the other hobby)

    Last sunday we had a easter bonfire. Some folklore to scare the demons away.
    the doll on top symbolises the devil or something like that..
    according to the organisers website there was a display of big flag (vendel) waving.. (historical stuff)
    but they were completely in the dark, so i missed that one. (realy did not see it..must have been withing 10 meters from me..)
    the organizing guild were kind enough to stand right in front of the fire all the time..but it gave some nice silouettes.
    And it rained during the day, so we got a lot of smoke.

  8. Maybe they were burning witches. Here is my Vampire disposal kit, or they can also be used for stakes in the garden. _MG_0687.jpg
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  9. Is that one of the woods with magical properties? I'm not talking pressure treated here, they do look like they would hurt. Don't take chances with Vampires. Holly makes good vampire killing stakes. Great hammer though. ;) lol.
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  10. Sprinkled with Holy water.
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  11. Canon EOS 50D, EF 100-400mm I
    India Umaid-Bhawan Palace
    "The Palace was built to provide employment to thousands of people during the time of famine.":rolleyes:
  12. "...but he's not a vampire!"

    Doesn't matter to the stake."

  13. Sounds fun. Always nice getting together with friends and family around a bon fire. Is this in Germany where this is an old tradtion that became Christianized, but the origins go back to an older pagan celebration on the vernal equinox with the Godess Eostre. In some regions the fires where made from old Chritmas trees. Both Holidays have there origins in much older pre Christian celebrations.
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  14. Hi Mark, thats a excelent explanation.
    It is in the Netherlands, but on the eastern side.Where i live is 20 min from Germany.
    Here the Christmass tree's are burned in januari.. (i feel a project coming)
    they used garden cuttings, remember my photo's from the cut tree's in the park..
    this is where the branches went. People could bring in the cuttings from the garden.
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  15. Busy, busy, busy. Still determined to post one photo every week. I am not going to miss a single one this year.
    5D Mark IV, 24-70
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