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  1. Here we go again. As usual up to 3 photo's , 1000 pix max size.

    As promised some trees 50 yards down the path from last weeks picture. (still no nice sunsets this week)
  2. i've been painting inside the house, so the camara is stored from the dust.
    So here's 2 from last year, just to tell everyone within traveling distance that
    Burgers Zoo Arnhem light festival is starting this weekend. (till march 4th)
    reflection of s turtle in the ocean aquarium.

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  3. and another one from the ocean aquarium.
  4. I got this fun little light holder from a friend. It's like chickens who are homeless and stands around an oil barrel with a fire in it. All of them have different expressions.
    5d mark iv, 100mm 2.8
  5. Spearhead

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  6. Canon 5D II 24-105mm f/4 L
    Lake Jackson Mound 2, FL
  7. Anticipating Valentine's Day . . .

    Lloyd and Arlene dance on their 60th anniversary . . .
  8. Chris and Caroline on the day Chris leaves for basic . . .
  9. Scott and Ian on a walk around the neighborhood . . .
  10. By the way, Jan, did you consider whether there might be a photo if you stand closer to the water and get reflections of the bare trees with the effects of the sunset (looks like nice color on the water itself) rather than looking directly at the sunset? Seems like there might be some potential even when the sunset itself is not that spectacular.
  11. These two Tule Elk are feeling rather sad and emasculated as they just lost their antlers and now have to run around naked. Today at the San Luis National Wildlife refuge.

  12. NYC 3rd Avenue. Sigma 85mm EX

    NYC 10 2015 14.jpg
  13. Canon 6D Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8
    Canon 6D selfie use thisx 2000 -.jpg
  14. Still editing photos from last year.
    IMG_0851_Bloemblad Roze Cosmea.jpg

    5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  15. IMG_0854_Cosmea.jpg

    5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  16. IMG_0855_Geel bloemmetje.jpg

    5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  17. Still playing with DIY lights. Me and the 150-600mm. :)
    4 light selfiey Big Lens x 2000--2.jpg
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  18. Hi Fred,

    Did try that, but it wasn't as good as i expected.
    And the grass is "dog walking" territory.. people don't clean up.. Best to stay on the path there..
    I have to sort out what vistas ramain. City decided to start renovating tha park Taking out 500 trees, only 250 will be replaced.
    A lot of the nice big ones are gone already. I'll show next thursday.

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