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  1. Another week gone. As usual up to 3 photo's. 1000 pixels max.

    I haven't photographed much, been cleaning the sensor. Found lots of little spots.
    So here's some from earlier.
    A tree falling down can open up a vista. Been struggeling with this one for some time. (20 years or so)
    it's 50 yards from my house, but i just can't get it right. But now with the big tree gone, it's getting somewhere,
    I'll be coming back to this when the debry is cleared up.

  2. Been experimenting some more with the product photos.
    some work..
  3. some look to artificail. Will try this one on the white background.. later..
  4. We had soggy snow here this morning. I have three kids I take to school on the days that I'm the primary caretaker, three different schools. I was very grateful for my studded tires from Continental. There was just about a gale as well. So I shot this picture looking through the window.

    I have a plan to shot the bridge connecting our island with the mainland. One of the pillars was hit by a boat on the 18th of January 1980, and the bridge went down and eight people drove off and was killed. I was only six at the time but I remember it very well. Anyway, hoping to make a shot of the new bridge one of these days. I think the light will be just right.
    5D Mark IV, 24-70mm 2.8
  5. The Jan 31st Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse (partial eclipse on the East Coast)
    80D + 100-400mm + 1.4x
  6. Those buildings are problematic. I think I'd approach it by taking it with the sun well below the horizon and the clouds lit up red. I don't if this is sunrise or sunset, but going out early or late, as required, for several days, could yield a sweet silhouette, with those buildings being less significant. In RAW conversion, drop the Blacks and bump Saturation a bit, to emphasize the silhouette.
  7. Well, I've been following Jan's lead in terms of subject matter for a few weeks, but I don't do much product photography, so I'll pick up on the tree theme in the OP for my three contributions this week.

    Here's one in Central Park just opposite the Guggenheim at sunset as 3 riders make their way along the bike path.


    30D, EF 24-105 f/4 L
  8. Here's one on a farm in New Hampshire.


    5D MkII, EF 24-105 f/4 L
  9. And on the Glacier Point Trail at Yosemite National Park looking at Yosemite Falls.


    5D MkII, EF 24-105 f/4 L
  10. Kodak DCS 560 (Canon EOS-1N with Kodak sensor)
    depending on date 20-30,000 USD new
    taken with Canon EOS 20D

  11. Hi Dcstep,
    It's a sunset. I think with a week or so, the sunset will be at the place i want it to be.. so here is hoping for some nice sunsets next week. For the last week it's been just dull grey. The clouds didn't light up red, this was as much color as it got. The nice colored clouds are mostly later in the year, but the sunset then is much further to the right.
    Thats why i have been struggeling with this one for 25 years.
    it's the combination of the compass star on the tarmac playfield, combined witht he trees. might even try to use a bit of flash.
    The pile of rubble from the storm was still there today.
    I'll post the one from 50 yards down the path next week. (it's my dayly walk to the supermarket.)
  12. The Tour Guide
  13. Bayside historic rope factory, Gloucester, MA. 70-200mm f2.8 II

    Whale watching Gloucester 08 2014 26.jpg
  14. You could try several different exposures off a tripod to do an HDR photo. Also something I use occasionally in post in Lightroom CC is using a temperature brush and warm some of the shadowed areas to personal preference.
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