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  1. I'm aware of and have a couple of the FD Lenswork books. However,I'm looking for 2 that are from the breech lock era that have been previously mentioned by Mr. Walhster. 1973 The Optimum in Critcal Focus Canon FD Lenses and 1978 FD Lenses a Photographers Best friends. Been searching for a few years now and have come up empty. Tried amazon, ebay, used book stores and photo swap meets to no avail. Any FD members here have copies of the aforementioned books for sale? Also, Mr. Walhster if you happen to see this post can you be so kind as to post images of the books, so I know exactly what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance.
  2. A good place to start when trying to track down an old book is ; Hit that site and it brings up a search engine screen. You plug in whatever search criteria you happen to have - title, author, ISBN, key words, etc, etc. Then do the search and it searches inventory lists of used book resellers all over the place. If it finds any matches to your search criteria you get a list of which resellers have the item, listed by their asking price. I just tried it out using 'FD Lenses' in the Title field, and it came back with about 30 hits, all kinds of stuff relating to FD Lenses. Their site also has a feature where you can tell them you are looking for a particular book, and they will add that to a 'watch list', and notify you if any reseller starts listing it. I would suggest you start with this site and use a wide variety of search criteria to try and cover as many potential matches as possible.
  3. Alibris ( can be another valuable source when searching for hard-to-find book titles. I frequently use both Alibris and Abebooks (mentioned above) to find obscure photography books. The fun part about using the search engines associated with these sites is that relevant book titles will often appear that you've never heard of before. It's worth a try...
  4. Some of the older books do not have ISBN numbers, especially before the 1980s. might be another source, too.
  5. This store in Manhattan used to be the place, only it's been closed now for years:

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