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  1. I am just wondering what kind of camera the Japanese Emperor would use for personal hobby photography? Would he use a Canon , Nikon , Sony or a German Leica ....?
    I think he would use a CANON.
    What are your thoughts?
  2. Huh?
    I think Queen Elizabeth would use a Praktica, but I guess I could be wrong. She seems to still use Prince Philip, who is equally old fashioned and cranky (link ).
  3. What? You must be really, really bored!
  4. for his hobby work? not sure. for his pro gigs...hmm, that's a tough one too.
  5. f72


    i think he will ask the three of them(canon,nikon and sony) to join in and make one camera for him only, and he would call it( cansoykon)short for canon,sony ,nikon.
  6. Why would the Emperor take his own pictures? He has servants for that.....I'll take the job.
  7. I think you people have way too much time on your hands to be worried about this.
  8. The King of Thailand is a keen photographer and for years he very famously used Nikon.
    He was given a gold Leica M6 too........
  9. brian
    we're very worried. worried would be the word to describe how we feel about the question posed. it's eating away at us. thank god someone has brought this issue to light.
    very concerned. worried
  10. He would use a Leica M9. As you know, Asia is Leica's biggest market now.
  11. This is a trick question, being posted by the Emperor himself, using his familiar online alias, "Otto."

    The Japanese economy is also a little worse for wear right now, and he's looking for a sly way to decide which line of his gear to put on eBay, and which to keep. Don't fall for it, people. Just because he wants Nikon's new D3S and a couple of the new PC-E lenses for his chrysanthemum shooting doesn' t mean we have to help him unload the other stuff he shouldn't have purchased. He found out the hard way that his new 5DMKII isn't weather sealed, and now he's trying to save face. Aristocrats. Feh.
  12. He would use a Minolta. Or maybe a Honda. But then again, perhaps a rubber band. Or possibly Tuesday. Blue, yes?
  13. Canon. No question. All us Canon shooters know that anyone who shooots with anything other than a Canon is a big poopy head.
  14. um.... being a nikon guy myself - I'd say Nikon, but what about Pentax or Olympus? Who knows - maybe he's a 4/3's guy!
  15. A good source told me that Canon has been in contact with aliens to develop DO, and fast lens technology. If you want to take good pictures, you should use Canon.

    Political leaders, and public figures that use Canon are 'in' on the invasion plans, and should be listened to.
  16. There was a guy at our last photo club outing who looked a lot like Emperor Akihito. He was using the alias of 'Ken'. But he wasn't fooling us. Anyway, we were shooting landscapes and he brought his Toyo 4x5 field camera with a Nikkor 210mm lens.
  17. So, I just gave them a call and asked, and it's a Kodak E2 folding camera. He doesn't like all that new Japanese electronics stuff.
  18. This thread is a waste of good bytes.
  19. A Holga. With Kodak film.

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