Canon Mississauga Repair Centre?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jay a. frew, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Hello:

    I think the AF system in my 70-200 f/2.8 needs adjustment/repair. So, I am
    wondering if any of you have used the Canon Repair Centre in Mississauga Ontario
    (and if there is anything you'd like to say about them)?

    Cheers! Jay
  2. I've sent my 24-70 to fix the hood ring that fell off.
    Great and fast service and they even didn't charge me a penny though the lens was about 5 years old. Great experience.
  3. it


    They have treated me well. (I'm a CPS member.)
    But...I recently took a 5D in there that they said was 100% destroyed by water. Couldn't be fixed etc.
    A few months later I was on my way to Asia so I threw it in my bag and dropped it off at Canon Thailand. They got it working for $8.

    For what you need I wouldn't hesitate to drop it off.
  4. From an earlier thread,, regarding repairs to my 50 1.4 sent to Canon in Missassauga, Ontario.

    "I recently dropped my 50 1.4, still in its Lowepro case, onto a carpeted floor and broke the focusing mechanism. I sent the lens to Canon Canada in Mississauga, Ontario and was charged C$270 for the fix - approximately half the price of a new lens.

    The lens was not fixed in-house at Canon. The return shipping label shows it came from Sun Camera Service in Toronto. Sun Camera's website ( says, "Sun Camera is the primary photo, digital and video repair center for Canon Canada in Ontario and parts of Quebec as well as a national depot of choice for Future Shop/Best Buy Ltd and Henry's."

    My lens is now working well and I have no complaints about the workmanship. However, when the lens was returned I received no documentation or receipt explaining what was done to the lens. For my own records, interest in what I paid for and protection in case the repair fails within the next few months, I'll have to go after Canon Canada for some kind of documentation."
  5. Thanks Folks!

    Cheers! Jay
  6. Maaaan ... i wish i read this earlier, i just sent in my 16-35mm for adjustment. They wanted 250$ minimum regardless of what was wrong with it.
    I remember the days when it was 50$ ( Canon 50mm f/1.4 ) for a broken focus mechanism. It is insane, do they want to lose their customers that bad ? Or do they want to sell more new stuff ?
    How much would this repair cost at Sun Camera ? Can anyone check ?

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