Canon lenses for Nikon DX2

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ymages, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. I want to go next year for a full frame and I find the Nikon DX2
    really better than the Canon Mark 1D (except for high ISO) sharper ,
    clean angles ....

    the problem is changing from Canon to Nikon with Canon zooms and lenses
    is there any adaptor to use them on Nikon bodies ?

    thank you
  2. Nikon doesn't have any full frame cameras,even with the announcement of the D200.I guess your still stuck with Canon.
  3. 1. The Nikon D3 is expected to have FF, cost ~8000$ and announced in about a year.

    2. To the best of my knowledge there is no adaptor that allows you to use Canon lenses on Nikon bodies.


    Happy shooting,
  4. I thought the DX2 was a FF !

    then I keep in jail with Canon :)

    thank you
  5. Erick, the D2X is a full frame, only not full frame in the sense of an ancient legacy film format invented 100 years ago :) It covers the whole area you see in your viewfinder, hence full frame....
  6. Funny, Remco Jan.

    The Nikon D2X (note, it is not called DX2) has a DX-format sensor, which has an 1.5x crop factor compared with 35mm film. Nikon does not make full frame sensor cameras.

    And anyway Erick, you will not be happy if you try to use Canon lenses with Nikon cameras. Even if you have an adapter you will not have auto-focus and I wonder how you would control the aperture of the lens. The electrical interface of a Nikon camera doesn't work with Canon lenses.
  7. I thought maybe a kind of converter could translate Canon Language into Nikon Language

    the Mark 1D is so expensive ... not so sharp than DX2 and blured in angles ... for 7000 euros ! that's crazy
  8. Before you decide to go for a 1D, 1D MkII, or 1D MkII N model, remember that they are also less than full frame (1.3x). It is only the 1Ds series and 5D that are full frame.
  9. Hey Erick, I have better news. You Can use NiKon glass on Canon's via
    adapters. Except you only have manual focus and stop down metering. Why
    waste money changing systems. Canon is right at the cutting edge at present.
    And hey if you want better glass, buy Leica R lenses and use an adapter or
    get the Leica R + digital back. or wait till the digital M to come out -- just dont
    hold your breathe though!
  10. While it would be possible to make an adapter to mount Canon lenses on a Nikon body, nobody would want to use them. The reason is that it would be impossible to focus to infinity. The reason is that the flange to film/sensor distance on a Nikon body is longer than on a Canon body. You can mount Nikon lenses on Canon bodies. And with a proper adapter you will get infinity focus.
  11. Paul :
    but have you allready seen a comparative between Mark 1Ds and DX2 ?... that makes a real difference in Nikon advantage

    i'll wait anyway before getting a FF .. price being the first obstacle

    sparkie and Peter :
    thank you for those precisions
  12. Even if you could mount a Canon lens on a Nikon body somehow, in addition to being
    unable to focus at infinity you couldn't close the aperture down.

    But of course the D2X is better than the 1D - 4 MP vs 12 MP?
  13. Jesper, I know Nikon does not offer 35mm size sensors. But I'm getting tired of the
    discussions DX vs. full frame. As I wrote, 36x24mm is defined 100 years ago. Why should
    this still be the same today. Why not go for real full frame like 6x6 or 5x4". I still think DX
    size sensors is a reasonable choice of Nikon. I think it's great that my budget priced lenses
    offer top quality because only the center of the image is used.

    But since most contributors here are apparently more into equipment than in
    photography, this is probably not the right place for me....;-)
  14. Erick...are you talking about the 1D (4 megapixel), the 1D2 (8 mp), the 1Ds (11 mp) or the 1Ds2 (16.6 mp)? It seems like you (or someone else) has mentioned all of them at some point in this thread.

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