Canon lens to Nikon mount via adapter

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  1. Is there such things as an adapter that allows using Canon lens to
    fit into Nikon body/mount? If so, where can I obtain it? Will I be
    having difficulties in focusing?
    Thanks for your input.

    Theo Tan
  2. What type of Canon lens? Canon EF? Canon FD? Something older?

    I don't know of any adapter that allows Canon EF lenses (for EOS cameras) to work with
    non-EOS cameras. The EF mount is wider in diameter than most other lens systems, for
    one thing.
  3. jbq


    The EOS mount is wider and shorter than most other mounts, and it's purely electronic. An adapter would require some glass to be able to get infinity focus (most probably a short teleconverter), and some electronics if you want to be able to select your aperture (other you'll shoot wide open).

    Such an adapter would be such a specialty item that it would probably be fairy expensive (with $300 for a plain teleconverter, you can imagine how much such an item could cost).

    In most cases, you should be able to either get a Nikon equivalent of the lens, or a Canon body, for a similar price (not all cases, though. If you want to shoot a 400/5.6 on a DSLR your budget will take a hit if you're on the Nikon side of the fence - guess that's why I switched to Canon before buying a DSLR).
  4. I went through this path before. Following is the information recalled from my memory. You may want to search this site for the actual comments.

    The short answer is no. The long answer is that the film-plane-to-lens distance on a Nikon body, FM3A in my case, is too long for most non-Nikon lens, Leica lens in my case. People in this said that Canon lens on Nikon body is not possible, but Nikon lens on Canon body is possible.
  5. Sorry it can't be done in any even remotely quality kind of way.There are optical adapters available on ebay but they are sh*t.
    <BR>Nikon glass can be used on EOS cameras with a simple non optical adapter,and i think there are FD mount adapters too...not that this helps you at all
    <br>Another reason to choose EOS-you can use nikon glass! (in a limited way-manual focus ,stop down metering)
  6. There used to be an adapter N for using Canon lenses on Nikon bodies (or maybe it was the other way around).
  7. You can use Nikon F-mount lenses on Canon EOS bodies, but you can't use Canon EOS lenses on Nikon F-mount bodies. The EOS system can accomodate Nikon F lenses, in addition to Leica R, Leica Visoflex, Contax/Zeiss/Yashica (RTS), Pentax 42mm Screw Mount, and Olympus OM, because of the EOS system's large opening and lower body thickness (film-to-flange distance).
    You can attain lens adapters here.
  8. Back when I shot Nikon - I could use M42 lenses on my FE - but the adapter had a small piece of glass - I think to retain infinity focus.
  9. I think that such a mix-up will only lead to frustrations in operating. My advice is to first choose a system - Search. There are thousands of such threads in this site - and then buy a body and lenses of the same company.

    Happy shooting ,

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