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  1. Could anyone direct me to either a thread or an answer to this question?
    My Canon 30D shoots large, fine JPEGs in an image size that is roughly 32" x 48", ppi at 72. My CR2
    files come in about 8x11, ppi 240. It always seems that when I downsize the JPEGs in PS CS2 to 8 x11
    printable or web size, I lose information. Is there a way to set my cam to shoot JPEGs at around 8x11
    and 2400 x 3400 ppi?
    I called Canon. Blah, blah, blah.
    Thanking you in advance.
  2. Read this

    It would take too long to explain it all here for the 500th time!
  3. Thank you Bob. That's why I asked for a link. If you don't want to answer for the 500th
    time... then don't. I won't be hurt. It would have been nicer if you had just supplied the
    link. I will certainly let know about your hospitality.
  4. Yes Daniel, that's a good idea. I would let the moderator know, his name is Bob, I forget his last name.
  5. `My CR2 files come in about 8x11, ppi 240. `

    Only because your RAW converter is set that way, you can adjust the PPI to whatever you want, even 72. A little read will help

    good luck
  6. Not that good with linkin yet

    hope it helps
  7. les


    "A little read will help."

    Most certainly.
  8. Hi,

    Spending time reading is very helpful.

    Once upon a time there was a federal program called RIF.

    Those initials stand for: 'reading is fundamental'...


    sooner or later, as people spend time acquiring knowledge by reading...

    people will come across these words: 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'.
  9. >>'don't bite the hand that feeds you'.<<

    Unless it's feeding you poison...
  10. Is there a way to set my cam to shoot JPEGs at around 8x11 and 2400 x 3400 ppi?
    Not that I'm aware of. PPI is rather meaningless anyway. It can be changed in 2 seconds in Photoshop and if you'd like, you can create an Action that will globally change all your files to whatever ppi you want.
    The 72ppi that's used by default harks back to older times when that was thought best for display on a monitor. Again, in Photoshop or any decent image editor, you can change the ppi without resizing or changing the photo in any way.
    Lastly your question about 2400 X 3400 ppi is very high. Most inkjet printers print around 300 to 360 ppi regardless of the size of the print. If you *do* want to resize the print, then Bob's link above gives excellent info. Good luck!
  11. You are using a 30D, also use PS CS2, and don't even have one book on what you're doing? Do youself a favor Daniel and expand your library. (or read the beginner threads in the Digital Darkroom forum, you'll be up to speed so quickly!) Please add my name to a "complaint list." Gracias.
  12. Daniel,
    You're gonna have to have tougher skin, if you are going to ask a question without doing a little research first. Just a thought.
  13. Daniel.... your response is pretty funny.... by the way, if you want to complain abt Bob's hospitality at

    He gave you an immediate response, and the link after all. It is his own website, so you are really leveraging upon his generosity if you glean any info.

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