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  1. I have the Canon 5D. Can the 5D shoot more than 3 shots on Auto Exposure
    I set my camera to shoot at 10sec. and set the Auto Exposure Bracketing for HDR.
    I only fined a three shot setup for HDR photography. is there more setups?
  2. Not on your camera. My understanding from recent discussion on site in the HDR forum, and also here (I think) is that the 2 latest models of 1D camera have an expanded exposure bracketing as a custom function.

  3. You may want to investigate using Breeze Systems' DSLR remote software which will allow a lot more flexibility, but at the expense of connecting to a latop.

    Up to 15 images of HDR...
  4. zml


    Yeah, with 1D3 you can set AEB to 2,3,5, or 7 shots (the defult setting is 3.) But what's stopping you from taking as many shots as you wish in M mode?
  5. Robert
    I personally think you should take all shots at a constant aperture rather than constant exposure for HDR. You will then not have the problem of variable depth of focus. I'm using the 40D, and have set two "Camera User Settings" (are they available on 5D ?) to take two sets of AEB, one with Exposure Correction of -1 and the other +1. This gives 6 exposures and 1 is rejected before creating the HDR file.

    Good luck

    Myrddin Jones
  6. What software do you use for HDR? Can a novice figure it out?
  7. What about only changing ISO? Leave everything else constant.
  8. In response to Chris Jensen - I use Photomatix Pro, go to their website and you will get some feel for the package. You can download the full package for a trial but with three watermarks appearing on your screen/print. Pay $99 to get rid of such.

    In response to Michael Ziegler - changing ISO is not available as an AEB parameter as far as I know, hence one would have to adjust for each shot rather than twice otherwise.

  9. I hear the same about Photomatix. Getting ready to get it myself.
  10. In Photomatix, there is an option under "Methods" labeled "Tone Compression." This method does not put the water mark on the image if you're using the trial version. So far, this has worked well for me, but I'll probably spend the $99 to get the un-watermarked features. It's a good program.
  11. "But what's stopping you from taking as many shots as you wish in M mode?"

    Camera movement. The less you fiddle with your camera the better, unless you just have a seriously rock solid tripod and have that think latched in there really securely. Just taking pictures in live mode shows me how much movement really goes on, even on a tripod.

  12. For a scene with a hdr, usually 3 exposures taken at -2EV, 0EV an +2EV relative to the correct mid-tone exposure is all that's required. The best way to do this and avoid movement as much as possible is to set the camera to high speed continuous. Having set up the shot and using a tripod, remote release, etc, when you take the shot just hold down the remote shutter release and you'll get 3 shots in quick succession.

    Either photomatix or dynamic hdr are the best software for processing the shots IMO
  13. Here is my HDR Gallery using Canon 10d , 20d and 5d with 3 bracketed shots .

    Best Regards

  14. I use the Canon 500D which also has 3 shots, which is however plenty for HDR photos. Normally Nikon users that take 5 or 7 shots delete the shots in between anyways. I got a Canon because of this feature which is much faster for HDR.
    You can see my HDR gallery here:
    I am still a bit of a newbie but the guy I learnt from isn't and he's a Canon 5D user:
  15. I have the canon 1d mark III. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the camera to take all of the pictures simultaneously. I am able to take the pictures by pressing the shutter button, but I just haven't been able to find anything anywhere on the pictures being taken all at once. Please help.

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