Canon G9 batteries dead

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by rick_donnelly, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. A little background leading up to my question:
    I have a G9 that is just over two years old, along with several Canon Li-ion batteries for it. Up until recently, I never had a battery die in-camera. Recently I took it out of the bag to use and the battery was completely dead, so I fully recharged it, put it back in, reset the clock/time and took a few shots. About a week or so later when I tried to turn it on it was dead again. I just presumed the battery was at end of life, set it aside and put in another recharged battery. A week later that one was dead too. Now I'm trying it out with a third battery.
    My question is whether anyone knows of a G9 problem that might cause it to start draining batteries even when turned off. I found nothing in the archives, but I do know from experience than some of the Sony P&S cameras would do this.
    Li-ion batteries do have a limited life, but two years of modest use seems to be much less than the 3-5 years often specified, so as a test I am charging the defective(?) ones up again and will let them sit unused on the desk for some time to see if they still self-discharge over time. By comparison, my much older Nikon DSLR Li-ions have shown no sign of deterioration and still hold up as new, as do some other Canons I have. Very perplexing.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Rick, I've had similar experience with (physically) small Sony camera batteries, and curiously not with any other camera (regardless of make) taking larger size batteries of the same chemistry.
    It's all a bit voodoo short of being a battery expert, but I've had some luck with a few charge/deep-discharge cycles which seems to revive the batteries, for a while anyways.
    Another exercise that seems to prolong life is to rotate them in the charger weekly even if the camera is not in regular use. Leaving them in a <50% charged state seems to accelerate failure.
  3. Rick, one way to test is have a friend or coworker that uses same battery test in their camera. For instance, I have two canon camcorders that use the same battery as my g9.
    My g9 is about same age. All I know is when the "battery weak" symbol shows up, it doesn't take long to run out! I get extra batteries at Tom

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