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  1. I just recently obtained this camera. Since I haven't shot with film in eons, can anyone give me any tips on where I could obtain an owner's manual? I

    Than you in advance.
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  5. Thank you, gentlemen. Very helpful!
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  6. Having an actual manual is nice, but the FTb isn't that hard to use without one.

    I forget now what it says about batteries, but I have an alkaline cell in mine.
  7. I have two Canon FTb cameras, which I solely use Wein Cell PX625 PX13 Mercury Free 1.35V batteries. The user's manual clearly states 1.35V battery should be used for it's constant level of voltage. These are a perfect fit and you should avoid using the alkaline batteries unless your camera has been modded for 1.5V batteries.

    Actually you do not need a battery to use the camera unless you want use the camera's exposure meter to function. You can use a light meter to help you instead of installing a battery. My FTb camera's exposure meters are spot on for as old as they are--so I do not need a hand-held light meter.
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  8. I have only used black and white film in it, and it was close enough for that.

    I could check the calibration. Usually I compare to sunny-16 and if it is
    close, not worry about it.

    Otherwise, for a camera that cost $11, I don't tend to want to put expensive batteries in it.

    I could also use it with a separate light meter.
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