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  1. Hi all, I am a new member. I recently bought a Canon Speed Finder FN for my camera. Unfortunately it did not come with the plastic slide on cover plate. I have searched eBay and sent messages to a number of dealers but have had no luck in sourcing this part. Can anyone help me? Thanks, David
  2. I only have one. I do believe Canon used the same bottom cover on all of the F-1N's viewfinders. Unfortunately, they're small and easily lost. Most are probably tucked away at the bottom of some old camera case that hasn't been used in years. Only advice is to keep checking eBay, or find somebody to 3-D print one. Or fashion a substitute out of cardboard or something. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.
  3. You'll probably need to fabricate your own cover from cardboard or plastic sheeting. Perhaps build one up from a couple layers of foam core, or cut one from a small plastic container base (like you find for spices at the dollar store). The original fitted plastic covers are extremely scarce, to the point I can't even find a part name or part number via web search.

    Canon New F-1 finders have sort of an odd base dimension/configuration that doesn't quite match up with the finder dust caps of competing brands, otherwise I'd suggest trying a prism base cap from Nikon, Minolta, Topcon or Exakta (not that those are easily found, either, or cheap when you do- typically $25 - $50). The closest approximation to Canon New F-1 footprint would be Nikon F4 prism base covers: you could try asking an eBay seller to measure the inside dimensions to see if its close enough to work for your speed finder (i.e. this one).
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