Canon FD Photos of the Month: September 2017

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  1. It's September, or nearly so, depending where you are. So let's do it FD, etc. shooters! Show us your photos! August was really good. So let us reprise our successes as autumn embraces us.

    My contribution is a panoramic shot out of my window made with my trusty FDn 70-150/4.5 zoom and a Fujifilm X-E2. Now that autumn approaches our sunsets have become interesting again. That's Shodoshima (Shodo Island) out there. I'll post the picture after I post this.
  2. 36767412942_ed1004f1a5_b.jpg
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  3. Don't be shy! Hop onboard!
  4. Two more from my recent trial of the new Ferrania P-30 B&W film. Canonflex with R58/1.2, at about F5.6.


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  5. Thanks Alex.

    I really like this new Ferrania B&W film. I’m still learning it, and this stuff is so new Ferrania is calling it an “Alpha” film (not even a the Beta stage yet), but it has a very unique look. I look forward to exposing more rolls.

    As for the Canonflex, it may have been a flop in the marketplace, but I do like the bottom wind. An acquired taste, that’s for sure, but it does allow for rapid film advance, if that’s what you want or need. Plus the build quality of the camera is exemplary. The camera is a pleasure to use.
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  6. Happiness is a Canonflex, a fresh roll of black & white, and the Sunny 16 Rule!
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  7. Speaking of Canonflexes here's a Canon R 100/3.5 of the same era. It's tiny- front cap is 40mm! Manual aperture and 10-blade diaphragm. Just gorgeous!

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  8. Black RP with black meter and R 100/3.5:

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  9. Rick, I forgot about your black RP. A gorgeous camera. And the R100/3.5 is a remount of the excellent 100 Canon made for their rangefinders. I own the rangefinder version and it's very sharp.
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  10. Jim, yep! A repurposed "Pocket Rocket"!
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  11. My Canonflex, which I used for all of the above pictures.

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  12. That R 58/1.2 is a rare beast, especially one with a freely moving diaphragm!
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  13. My R 58/1.2 works perfectly. The biggest negative is its size and weight. This lens is heavy!
  14. The last of my Ferrania shots, for now. I have another roll in my Canonflex right now so we'll see how that turns out.

    This is a 1938 Ford Rat Rod. Looks like hell on the outside, modern small-block Ford in the inside. Canonflex with R58/1.2, probably at F3.5.

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  15. That film captures textures so nicely! I'll ask the local camera shop (remember those?) to look into stocking Ferrania. Peggy has lots of film shooting customers!
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  16. I like this film. Very unique look. It’s actually motion picture film (which Fellini used) that Ferrania recently resurrected. I was part of the original Kickstarter program so had the option of buying five rolls for $5.00/each. Ferrania is calling this an “alpha” film as it was the first film they coated once they got the old coater up and running. The film is not yet available for sale to the general public, though Ferrania hopes to have their online store operating sometime later this month. Expect the price to be about $8.00/roll (36 exposure).

    Because it’s a motion picture film, it’s meant to be processed in D-96 chemistry, which is not ready available. Ferrania has published development tables for other chemicals, like D-76 (which I’m using), Rodinal, and others. If you don’t have a darkroom, there are a few labs out there that will process the film.

    In this day and age of digital, it’s so nice to have a brand new film to play around with.
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    Alex I fixed the dupe posting stuff for you
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  18. [​IMG]

    Canon FD 500 F4.5L
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  19. Wow, thank you!!!!!
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  20. Back into the archives again.

    A test of the Canon AL-1 focus-assist camera
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