Canon FD Photos of the Month: October 2021!

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  1. October is a beautiful month with its foliage and cool breezes. FD, etc. shooters, we await your work !!!
  2. Canon FT. Canon FL 135
    001CFD Flautista Hanimex135.jpg

    Canon FT. Canon FL 135
    014CFD Vendedor de Ocarinas N135.jpg

    Canon FT. Canon FL 55
    034CFD Ventana Muñecos-CanonFT-CanonFL55.jpg

    Tri-X rated at ISO 800.

  3. I shot the above from my bedroom window with a Canon FD 135/2 + Metabones Speedbooster + Fuji XE-2.
  4. The salmon are running. Canon F-1, FD 50/1.4 on Efke 25 film.

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  5. Fall color has begun. A Staghorn Sumac just down the road from our house. Canon FD 28./2.0 on a Canon RP digital.

  6. 1968 Jaguar E-type dohc inline six with the A-1 50mm f/1.8 on Tmax 100

  7. The fabled XK engine, if I'm right.
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  8. Yep. Series two 4.2 liter XK-E. I drove one once - got it up to 100mph. It may be the most beautiful car ever made. When Enzo Ferrari first saw it he said it had one major flaw: "It doesn't say Ferrari on it."
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  9. I agree! In my opinion the XK-E was the most beautiful (mass production) car ever made. I went for a ride in one a friend owned. We hit 140 mph on a back road........stupid, but thrilling!!! My neighbor bought one for his wife for her had the v-12 in it. The engine compartment was so full, you couldn't fit your hand in there !!!
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  10. Checking out the "assisted focus" on the Canon AL-1 (FD-mount)

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  11. I decided to try a 17mm FD for sports. I lay flat for this one. Canon EF, Ektachrome 100 PUT.jpg
  12. With a 17mm, you must have been very close to the head of that putter!
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  13. About 2 feet
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