Canon FD Photos of the Month: October 2017

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  1. It's already October first somewhere, so let's do it FD, FL, R and wherever shooters! Show us your stuff!

    I've been having fun with three FL lenses, the 58/1.2, the 19/3.5 and the macro 50/3.5. I bought the last recently for about $20.00. I will be posting pix by and by but let me post this first.
  2. Let me start with something quaint. Common form of advertising in Japan. This at Akashi JR Station. Leica M 240 + Canon FL 19/3.5 on an old Novoflex adapter.
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  3. Nice.

    Never owned one, but I know the FL 19mm is a highly regarded lens.
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  4. Another shot from my recent lens test. FD 55/1.2 Aspherical at F1.2. Leica M240.

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  5. Crisper, with more neutral bokeh. Green hair and dimples is a nice combo!
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  6. This is a shot of Motomachi, Kobe's entrance to Chinatown with my Leica M 240 + Canon FL 58/1.2 @ f1.2. 37443068481_04428ba38a_b.jpg
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  7. Great shot, Jim. The FD 55/1.2 is a fine lens. I have the non-aspherical version.
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  8. For years I’ve wanted to test my large collection of 50mm lenses. I contacted a local model I know and arranged for her to come over one evening. She sat while I tested the following lenses on my Leica M240. All pics taken wide-open and one stop closed down.

    1) 50/2.0 Leitz Collapsible Summicron
    2) Canon 50/1.2 LTM
    3) Canon 50/1.4 LTM
    4) Canon 50/1.5 LTM
    5) Nikkor 50/2.0 LTM
    6) Canon R58/1.2
    7) Canon FD55/1.2 ASPH

    By far, the R58mm had the wildest bokeh. My favorite may be the Canon 50/1.5 LTM. It’s a Sonnar-type lens with a very unique signature, wide-open. Nice for portraits.
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  9. Last week I wondered about some loud helicopter overflights of my house, stepping outside the cause was obvious!

    Canon T90, New FD 100-300 5.6L, Ilford Delta 400 skycrane1.jpg
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  10. A brushfire is advancing in the dry hills behind Cal Poly SLO. My vantage point is skycranedrop1.jpg right across the street from the house.
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  11. 793 makes many laps of this neighborhood! skycrane2.jpg
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  12. His drops were water only, no retardant.

    All these photos are with the same camera and lens combo, without cropping. skycranedrop2.jpg
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  13. Fixed wing support too, in this case a four-jet CDF plane. cdfjet.jpg
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  14. A CDF spotter craft choreographed skycrane3.jpg this airshow.
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  15. Cal Fire's S-2 Turbo Tracker: cdfs2.jpg
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  16. Note the pair of firefighters standing just outside the drop zone. Brave! skycranedrop3.jpg
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  17. That 100-300 5.6L zoom was not the easiest thing to focus, still I was pretty happy with its results in this skycranedrop4.jpg photojournalistic application!
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  18. I said overhead, right? skycraneover.jpg
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  19. What shutout speed were you using? Nice set of pics. Looks like you had a bit of excitement around your place. Hope the brush fire was no big deal.
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  20. Jim, I was shooting in the f/9.5 to f/11 range to milk a little more depth of field while still minimizing camera shake.

    It's interesting to read that #793 entered US Army duty in 1967. That bird is 50 years old!

    The quality of Swan Lab's scans is pretty iffy, and this batch did not impress AT ALL for the number of dust spots and artifacts. And this was the extra cost "high quality" service. It may be time to mail them somewhere versus dropping them off at the local shop.
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