Canon FD Photos of the Month: November 2019

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  1. Hello November! The best of autumn has already passed. It has been exceptionally warm in Japan. Where I live the trees are not yet turning red. Anyway, Canon FD, etc. shooters, let's your photos!
  2. Canon FL-F 500/5.6 on an Olympus OM-D. Effective focal length is 1000mm.

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  3. South Park City - Fairplay, Colorado. No particular subject - just an Old West scene. Taken with an A-1, 1.4/50mm FD lens and a #15 yellow filter.

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  4. Canon-A-1.jpg
    Canon A-1​
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  5. FD200mm F4 Macro on Nikon D3s, F5.6 @ around 1/800 sec, I think - at Floriade at Canberra, September 2019.

  6. Canon F-1, FD 28/2.0. Ektachrome 100. Outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

  7. Deer season. Canon F-1, FD 50/1.8, Ferrania P-30 B&W film.

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  8. Engineer Ed Dickens and his charge at the West Colton yard, October 2019.

    Canon F-1n and FD 55/1.2 SSC Aspherical, Ilford 100.

    eddickens4014 copy.jpg
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  9. Big Boy 4014 and a few admirers, West Colton yard.

    4014wcolton copy.jpg
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  10. Siderodromania.

    4014siderods2 copy.jpg
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  11. Standing proud at Tucson yard, October 2019.

    4014tucsoncrowd copy.jpg
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