Canon FD Photos of the Month: November 2017

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  1. Hey, it's November! Nice work in October! Let's keep it up this month, FD, FL, etc. shooters!
  2. Sunset FL.jpg Friends, I got to tell you! I am having fun with my FL 58/1.2 + Leica M and FD 85/1.2L + Fujifilm X-E2. Here is a mild sunset with the FL and the M.
  3. I can't hold back. Railroad crossing 1 with the FD 85/1.2L and the fuji. 38028892446_67362694af_k.jpg
  4. Railroad crossing 2. Equipment same as above. 38028899646_076c40fdf3_k.jpg
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  5. Hey folks, how about some photos!!!!
  6. I took this a few years back. Typical fall color shot that you find in northern Michigan in October. Canon 500mm FL-F on a Olympus OM-D. Effective focal length is 1,000mm.

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  7. That is fantastic, Jim!
  8. IMG_2114.JPG

    FD 500/4.5L
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