Canon FD Photos of the Month: May 2021

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  1. Welcome to the beautiful month of May, FD, etc. shooters! A lot of us are sequestered like myself. One problem out of many is having your color film developed at your local camera store, if you cannot do it yourself. I can't. My Canons and other film cameras are hibernating. When this pandemic is over--and it will be over--I'm going to have fun with the Canons. As will a lot of you. Cheers!
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  2. 007CFD Detención Policial Manifestación Sikh-Londres-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg

    005CFD Gato Brandy Mirándome-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg

    018CFD Bañista-Pza Trafalgar-Londres-CanonF1-CFL135.jpg
    Canon F-1. Canon FL 135. Tri-X rated at ISO 1600. D-76 (straight) 13' at 20ºC​
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  3. eglishtown nj raceway park around 1979 - cousin bob doing the pose .check out throw away camera in his hand.
    i beklieve the last set of pics taken with my F1.dont remember what lens probably my freinds 50mm fd he used to loan me img scanned photo066.jpg
  4. Giant-City-H2.jpg
    Canon AE-1P, FD 50mm f/1.4
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  5. Navajo sandstone near Leeds, Utah. AE-1 FDn 50/1.8

    Red Cliffs.jpg
  6. As the construction site's temporary wall started coming down in 1995, after a life of perhaps 5 or 6 years, it developed a melancholy beauty of its own. The murals were painted by local high school and junior high schools. I am sure I did this with my Canon EF and an FD 50/1.4. It was a cold and foggy day. The film was Fujichrome 100.
  7. Dear Craig:
    I'm afraid this is a Canon FD forum. I don't think a photo taken with a Panasonic DMC-FX07 is very appropriate
  8. Grape Hyacinth in our backyard. Canon FL 50/3.5 Macro on a Leica M240. I focused on the left one.

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