Canon FD Photos of the Month: March 2021

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by Alex_Es, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. Spring is soon to spring! Show us stuff Canon FD, etc. shooters !!!!!
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  2. 013CFD Contraluz Sombras Grupo Monjas-CanonFT-CFL55-ValcaF22-ASA125.jpg

    016CFD Escondite Alfombra Niños María CFL55.jpg
    Both with Canon F-1. Canon FL 55. Spanish Valca F-22 ISO 125 (like Ildford). No developer data​
  3. Canon F-1. FD 35/2.0. Tri-X pushed to 1600.

  4. PT-17. A-1 50/1.8 FDn on 400TX

  5. Road FR92-kentucky Camp   003-cropped-reduced.jpg
    On the road to Kentucky Camp, Arizona
    Canon TX,, Velvia 100
  6. Giant-City-AE1P.jpg

    Canon AE-1P, FD50mm f/1.4
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  7. Canon A1 w/50mm 3.5 macro FDn GARY P. CHARGER AND HERON PICS 002.jpg kodak400
  8. I've got one of those lenses. It was my wife's favorite until she went digital.
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  9. the "Kegger Kampground." F-1 with 35/2.0. Ferrania P30 in Rodinal.

  10. Hi Everyone !! View of Shodoshim. Canon FD 100-300/5.6 L.

    DSCF7563 copy.JPG
  11. Experimenting with a new (to me) B&W film. Ultrafine Extreme 100, which is rumored to be rebadged Kentmere 100. Definitely cheap. I bulk load, so bought a 100' roll. A 36 exposure exposure roll comes out to $2.25 USD! Pic taken with Canon FP with FL 28/3.5. The film has potential. I need to experiment more with developers.

  12. Jim:
    That film really touches all the bases. It has low grain, very nice middle tones and is not "super hot" looking like the Ferrania P30. It would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison with Ilford Delta 100.
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  13. Kentmere 100 is a very nice film, much better than the Kentmere 400.
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  14. Canon new F1, Ilford Shanghai gp3, rodinal.

  15. Plus it dries flat. Very easy to put negatives into the negative holder of my scanner. One more test shot. Taken with a 50mm. A fine film, especially considering its low cost.

  16. Jim:
    I've read that Ultrafine 100 and the supposedly identical Kentmore 100 have too little contrast according to many enthusiasts. That could be taken care of in development and with colored filters in the enlarger. Post scanning software would also add contrast if necessary. I'm going to get a roll or two and test it. I just love the mid-range tones! Flat negatives are a big plus. That's why I switched from Kodak to Ilford Delta recently.
  17. Dana,
    My first few rolls I used the recommended development times for Kentmere 100 when using Xtol 1+1. The negs were okay, but a bit flat. For the two pictures above, I added 15% to the Xtol development times so as to add a bit more contrast. I like the results. I'm shooting another roll right now. We'll see how those turn out.
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  18. Canon EF, 50mm 3.5 Macro, Kodak T-Max 100

  19. Well done everyone.
  20. Stunning. Absolutely superb shot Jim!

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