Canon FD Photos of the Month: March 2018

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  1. March is here and soon--no matter how cold it is--Spring will be upon us! Well, FD, etc. shooters, let's do it! Give us the best you've got. Or even the worst if it is interesting.

    This is a lead into the photo I am sharing with you. It is a shot of Shodoshima (Shodo Island) from my balcony. It was made with a Canon FDn non-aspherical 100-300/5.6 zoom attached to a Nikon D700 via an FD to Nikon F adapter. The adapter, which has glass elements, is in fact a x1.4 teleconverter. You've no doubt heard that a converter like this degrades (softens) the image. I have not found this to be outstanding. There was mist around Shodoshima when I was shooting. The image was bound to be soft whatever lens I used.

    This converter is best used with telephone lenses and worst used with wide angles. I'll try it with a normal (50-55mm) lens someday. Meanwhile, I am happy with it of the 100-300/5.6 zoom. And, yes, I have the aspherical version. I got the non-aspherical one for about ten dollars. In perfect condition, it was relegated to "Junk" at Naniwa Camera.

    The photo will follow shortly.
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  2. Well, that's Shodoshima shot with a Canon FDn old-style non-aspherical 100-300/5.6 zoom + Canon to Nikon adapter on a Nikon D700. I knew destiny had something in store for me when I bought that redundant lens.
  3. Canon T-90 with FDn 50mm f/1.4
    before (sob) the magnets stuck
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  4. To celebrate Kodak bringing back Tmax 3200 film, I pulled the last box I had out of my freezer and shot a roll at a local art gathering. Tmax 3200 at E.I. of 800, developed in Xtol. Canon FTb with FD 15mm fisheye. I've already ordered several boxes of the new stuff.

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