Canon FD Photos of the Month: July 2021

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  1. Welcome Canon FD and related Canon shooters !! What's the weather like where you? Here in Japan it has been remarkably cool. I've never seen a June and July like this. In two days my wife and I will that all important jab. Then, after 2 years, I'll take a careful pereganation around Kobe and buy some film the the Canons

    Hoping everyone is well,
  2. self portrait with mom and my wife
    025CFD Autorretrato con Mamá y María CanonF1-CFL55.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 55. Tri-X at ISO 800 with tripod (and a bit of PS)

    018CFD Niños Fumando-Londres-CanonFT-CFL55.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 55. Tri-X at ISO 640. Paterson Acutol FX-14 (1:10) 9' at 20ªC

    022CFD Viejo Marino y Loro CFL135.jpg
    Canon FT. Canon FL 135. Tri-X at ISO 800​
  3. Good shots here. Keep 'em coming.

    The lens that took the was an FD 17/4 on a Leica M 240. This is yet another view from my balcony. I wish this pandemic will end soon.

  4. Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Launcher
    (a very early Dairy Queen)
    Canon T70 (FD)
  5. FTbn 50/1.8 on Delta 400. Rocky Mountain Sunset. There are a couple of "I shoulda dones" with this image but I still kind of like it.

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  6. A dragonfly perched on the antenna of my old truck. FD 100mm, Leica M240. Big-time crop.

  7. Canonflex with R 58/1.2 on Eastman 5222-XX in Xtol.

  8. canon A1 w/50mm 3.5 macro fd ssc kodak 200 gold 2nd  A 1 ML 1 FLASH RED GLADS 8 19 023.jpg
  9. Canon F1N, 50mm FD Macro, Kodak Ektar

    fd of w.jpg
  10. Taken years back. One of my last Kodachrome slides. Canon F-1, probably a FD 200/2.8 telephoto.

  11. I'll take strawberry please.
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  12. Why they call it Bee Balm. R 100/2.0 lens on a Leica M240. Wide open at F2.0

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