Canon FD Photos of the Month: January 2022 !!

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  1. Happy New Year, Canon FD, etc. shooters !! Let's see more of your great photos!
  2. From my balcony: Canon FD 200/2.8 (breach lock) + Metabones Speed Booster + Fujifilm X-E2

  3. I wanted to evoke the desert sand by exaggerating the grain of the film.

    024CFD Templo de Debod CFDn28.jpg

    008CFD Templo de Debod CFDn28.jpg

    013CFD Contraluz Tres Palmeras CFDn28.jpg
    Canon FTb. Canon FDn 28. Polarizer and yellow filters. Kodak Recording at ISO 2000. DK-50 straight. 2 hours at 20ยบ about​
  4. I just ran across a few photos from years ago. Canon AE-1 maybe. 81-17a, 12-1979.jpg
  5. Narrows trailhead Zion National Park, Utah. A-1, 28mm f/2.8 FD and #8 filter on Tmax 400.

  6. From last year. A local model wanted some new pics for her portfolio. Canon FD 500/8 mirror lens, on a Leica M240.

  7. Shot this little guy yesterday morning before the big snowstorm today. Hope he's ok wherever he is. Canon FD 80-200 F4L on Fuji XH-1.

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