Canon FD Photos of the Month: January 2018

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by Alex_Es, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Thank you, Rick!
  2. Hoping to have some stuff to post up this week. I am struggling with the nearest film processor's work...his scans don't even capture the full image area and my careful cropping! And his prints look like they were rinsed in dirty dishwater. $$-=$%#%+!!!

    It might be time to stop patronizing this outfit (through the local camera store) and just mail it to North Coast Photo in San Diego.
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  3. The following are on a roll of Ektar 100 in the Canon T90, this one with an FD 135/2.5 SC

    birdofparadise2018 copy.jpg
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  4. The rest are with an FD 150-600 L, hand-held. Yep, it's possible!

    My location is Surf Beach, west of Lompoc, California. The blue structure is Vandenberg AFB's Delta II launch site SLC-2W.

    slc2wsurfbeach copy.jpg
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  5. Amtrak southbound rolls into Surf station.

    amtraksurfbeach copySMALL.jpg
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  6. A Delta IV-Medium lofts NROL-49 skyward from SLC-6, aka "Slick Six". My distance is ~6 miles.

    nrol49b copy.jpg
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  7. Go baby go! Hours of anticipation ends in about 60 seconds of excitement!

    nrol49c copy.jpg
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  8. Afterwards, all you've got is an autograph.

    nrol49k copy.jpg
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  9. Rail operations are suspended during launch operations, but now a Surfliner continues its northbound journey.

    amtraksurfbeach3 copy.jpg
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  10. Don't forget to exercise your T90 TODAY!

    amtraksurbeach2 copy.jpg
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  11. Some dramatic photos of the rocket launch Rick. And to handhold a 150-600!

    Love Ektar too.
  12. Jim, that thing is surprisingly well balanced and pretty okay in short handheld sessions. Focusing is trickier, but you can dangle a finger to adjust the focusing long as it's zoomed to its furthest forward position (600mm). Zoomed back, the wheel cannot be reached from a typical handheld position. A beastiful beauty and total keeper.

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