Canon FD Photos of the Month: January 2018

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by Alex_Es, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Happy New Year FD, etc. shooters! Let's see your work!
  2. Canon FTb, FD 135/3.5, on Tri-X.

  3. canon f1, FD 1.2/55mm, f/8 and 4", fujicolour c200, i was just trying how does booster t finder works. Seems that it does :) Untitled (4).jpg
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  4. Did anyone survive?
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  5. They came down a bit on the rough side but managed to make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece. They had a lot of laughs and a few sore butts.
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  6. Canon-T80 with FD A 50mm f1,8
    Canon-T80-FD A 50mm f1,8.jpg

    Canon's 1st generation AF on FD-mount
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  7. Outstanding action shot Jim!
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  8. Thanks. I grabbed my FTb, went to a local hill used for sledding, found a good spot, and waited for somebody to come down in front of me. I fired off a whole roll of Tri-X and this pic was the best.
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  9. Great to see our photo of the month buzzing along. I've been collecting FL lenses and cleaning them up a bit. Resolution of the year #1: I'm going to get a Canon Pellet in good working condition. Resolution #2: I'm going out with the film Canons (F-1 and too many EFs) and shoot film! Yeah. Meanwhile here are my FL lenses, all 50s: 1.2, 1.8 and 3,5 macro. Three Canon FL Lenses.jpeg
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  10. Forget the 19/3.5 Canon FL! I think you've already seen it.
  11. Alex, be sure to look closely at the mirror of any Pellix you’re considering. It’s made of mylar which is soft and easily scratched. Many previous owners tried to clean them ruining the mirror in the process. There are plenty of mint-looking Pellix cameras out there with mirrors that are hopelessly scratched. And a scratched mirror means fuzzy pictures
  12. Another in my series of sledding/tobogganing pics. This is an older pic, taken with my FTb and on Kodachrome film. Probably with the FD135/3.5. Kids were sliding down the hill on their butts.

  13. Thanks for the tip, Jim!
  14. Back in the days when parents let kids be kids
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  15. Leica M + Canon FL 58/1.2 in Kobe.
  16. Try again.

    Leica M + Canon FL 58/1.2 in Kobe.
  17. Still too large.
  18. One more try. Motomachi Lights.jpeg
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  19. I give up.
  20. Alex, I like your "life through a window" shots...very unusual, and nicely timed.
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