Canon FD Photos of the Month: February 2018

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  1. Happy pre-Valentine's Day! Post your stuff, FD, FL, etc. shooters!

    I'll start off with some FD shots with my Fujifilm X-E2 and Metabones Speed Booster for Canon FD. My lens was the very little and handy Canon FDn 35-70/3.5-4.5. The speed booster jacks the f-stops by one stop. Both these shots were made from my office window. The first was untouched by Photo Shop.
  2. Here comes number one.
  3. zzzzzzzzzz.jpg zzzzzzzzzz.jpg Number Two.
  4. Double image for some blasted reason. I hate Were it not for the Canon FD forum I would abandoned this website long ago.
  5. We had an ice storm last week. I stuck a FL 50/3.5 Macro on my Leica M240 and took a few pics of the trees in our backyard. Here's one:

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  6. Canon T50 w/ 35-70mm f:3.5-4.5 zoom
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  7. Another ice storm pic. FL50/3.5 on a Leica M240. ISO 200 at F3.5, hand held.

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  8. I think the above photo looks like what the fans will look like after they come out of the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN, USA. (I live about 40 miles from it) :)
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  9. Canon EF, FD 35mm f3.5, Ektar 100. Northwestern Wisconsin.

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  10. [​IMG]
    Canon FX
    Soligor 135/2.8
    Kodak TMX long expired
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  11. Really great work!Keep it coming!!
  12. Friends! Here is a shot with my FDn 100-300/5.6 L and Metabones Speed Booster for Canon FD coupled with a Fuji X-E2.
  13. Here is another. Both shots from my balcony. Above is Shodo Island and below is just some stuff.

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