Canon FD Photos of the Month: August 2019

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  1. Hello FD, etc. shooters! How hot is it where you are? It's hot as blazes here in Japan. Well, send your cool shots our way!
  2. Ph.N.JPG Here are some shots from my balcony with the amazing 20-35/3.5 Aspherical zoom lens + Fujifilm X-E2 with Metabones Speed Booster
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  3. Canon F-1, FD50/1.4. On Portra 160, converted to B&W.

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  4. Feed-Silo.jpg
    Canon A-1, FD 28mm f/2,8​
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  5. This is the Snowy Range in the Medicine Bow Mountains west of Laramie, Wyoming a couple weeks ago. The camera was an A-1 with 50mm 1.4 on Tri-X. The cliffs there are quartzite which makes them so shiny. I used an orange filter for contrast.

  6. Canon F-1, FD28/2.0. Portra 160 converted to B&W.

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  7. Another Snowy Range Image...

    Diamond Peak.jpg
  8. Two of my favorites in one photo, Big Boy and wife Carol. Canon EF, FD 28 f2.0, Tri-X. Photo taken in Bruno, MN, population 99 in normal times, 1000 that day.

    Big Boy.jpg
  9. There is no more beautiful man made sound than a steam engine whistling for a crossing on a quiet night. I'm old enough to remember steam on the mainline of the Grand Trunk Western. 4014 is a magisterial monument to one of the greatest accomplishments of the human race. Deb and I will have to get up to the Cheyenne roundhouse one of these days and admire this wonderful restoration. Please post more images if it.
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  10. Canon FD 800mm f5.6 L with a Canon EF 1.4x teleconverter on a Canon EOS 5DS R. I know, a bit of a Frankenstein's monster. 037A8971.jpg Thin adapter does not allow focus to infinity but long enough until I do the EdMika adaptation.
  11. I went back a few years looking at the monthly photo threads and noticed that folks used to post a lot more images. With that in mind here is another Snowy Range photo.

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  12. Classic car Autocross. FTb, FD 135/3.5 in Tri-X.

  13. That same Union Pacific Big Boy is scheduled to run a couple of fan excursions in Southern California on October 12 & 13, so it'll be on the move for several days before and after. While U.P. hasn't published a schedule and route yet they will, and you can look for it here: 2019 Union Pacific Steam Schedule

    From past U.P. Steam excursions I expect this one to enter California at Nipton, then proceeding through Kelso on its way to the Cajon Pass. Photo opportunities will be plentiful!
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  14. Canon F-1, FD 35/2.0 (the version after the thorium lens). Ektar 100. You gotta luv Ektar.

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  15. OK - a couple more. Not the greatest photos I have ever taken, though. One gives a good idea of the crowd in this tiny town of 99 souls. The other shows what they had to do every 150 miles or so.

    Oh yeah, I do remember the steams days, too (just barely)


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