Canon FD Photo of the Month: March 2017

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by Alex_Es, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Hello FD and Related shooters. March and a dreadfully redesigned website is upon up. Show us your work if you can.

    I will subit a shot with an FL 58/1.2 on a Leica M 240.
  2. FL-58-1.2-train-.jpg
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  3. Canon FD 35-70mm AF -- very early autofocus lens for FD mount:
    THE watertower, of fame on other Forums​
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  4. Conspirators by the Pond, somewhere in Iowa.


    Had exposure issues with one of my AE-1 Program bodies this past weekend. Was getting goofy aperture values for 1/1000sec on Ilford XP2 (ASA 400) film. Also got a double exposure - not sure how THAT can even happen on an AE-1 Program, but it did.
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  5. Alex, was the pic with the FL 58mm taken wide-open?
  6. Canon FDn 35-105/3.5

    After piecing together its string of cars in a Norfolk / Southern switching yard, #5824 heads south out of the yard

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  7. Yes, it was necessary. Also impossible to stop down without dangerously fiddling with the lens's mechanics. I'll get an FT for it.
  8. Disappointed to see that this new website design apparently has the same old severe time limitations for a member to edit / delete his / her own posts...
  9. Quite right Bill. It is really the same old stuff that is hard to work with and unpleasant to look at.
  10. I have a Canon FL 55mm, f-1.2 lens that has a small ring with "A" (automatic) or "M" (manual) for using the lens independently in stop-down mode. When set to the "M" setting, the lens stops down independent of the camera. This would help with a digital camera incapable of metering an FL lens.

    Apparently Canon dropped this when they made the FD 58mm, f-1.2 lens. So do you have an FD or FL lens?

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  11. Canon never made a FD 58mm lens, only an FL version.
  12. Yes, I realized that after I looked it up, that Canon did not make a FD 58mm lens. But my FL 55mm f-1.2 does have that stop-down feature.

    I am going to upload a photo from a bicycle ride I took a few weeks back. I took along my Canon T-90, with my FD 70-210mm F-4 lens on it. It's not a top-of-the-line lens, but it's the one I've got. While on the bicyle trail, I found what at first I thought was a very large dog, only to look closer and see it was a very small pony, a Shetland pony that had gotten out of the home's yard and was loose on the open area beneath the powerlines where the bicycle trail also went through. It was a grassy park. The owner, a woman had "lost" two ponies, and had taken the one by the bridle into the yard, and was calling the other. It started running, and I got this shot of it on the move. Shutter speed, I think, was 125th second, and the lens was wide open at F-4. The film was Kodak 100TMAX.

    John February ride-pony.jpg
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  13. John, Canon did eliminate the “A-M” switch on the FD lenses. They can be put in manual mode by pushing the large lever on the back of the lens counter-clockwise until it locks. Mount the lens on the camera and it will be in manual-mode only.

    Alex used his FL 58mm on a digital Leica. You need an adapter to do this and most have a “manual” mode that allows you to control the lens aperture. At least mine does.
  14. Canon NF1, FD 28mm f2.0, orange filter, T Max 100

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  15. Same day, same lens, etc.

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  16. I wish I knew what this is - a deer stand???

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  17. One more - same specs

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  18. Great black and white, Bill C. Keep your work coming everyone!
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