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  1. Hi. Does anyone know what lenses are used on the canon F-A? Can you use macro lenses?Thanks in advance
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  2. SCL


    It is an A series camera, which used the FD mount. I found that with a quick Google look-up. So congrats, you can use the FD macro lenses which are very good.
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  3. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire

    It has an FD mount, but it also has an extra-long mirror, which I think will foul many normal lenses. It's a version of the AE-1 (or maybe the AV-1) intended for ophthalmic examination; so it wasn't expected that you'd want infinity focus. I think all you can safely put on that mount is an extension tube or a bellows; then whatever FD lens you like.
    See this old post at another forum: Canon FA

    That also says the image in the VF is reversed and upside-down. Have fun!
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  4. Thanks for all your answers, there is very little information about this model, I will try using extension tubes, bellows and a fd50 or 100 f4 macro.

    I also didn't find out what the 6 external contacts that you see on the MZ drive motor are for.
  5. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire

    I found a manual for the instrument, the CF60-ZA Fundus Camera, of which the camera is part (quite a small part!):
    Canon Fundus Camera, Canon CF-60ZA eye camera, instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

    .. at Mike Butkus' manuals site. As usual, if the manual is useful to you, it's nice to send a small contribution to help pay Mike's hosting costs. Anyhow, it looks like the CF60-ZA is quite a big thing, and this camera fastens to the rear of it. The lens is fitted to the front, and is a special thing, not a standard FD lens. The manual warns that the reflex mirror will break if you release it with an FD lens fitted! The instrument has limited data-imprint functions: you could have a serial number, or the duration of exposure in fluorescent photography, printed onto the corner of the picture. I guess the electrical contacts pass on control signals to the camera and winder, from controls on the instrument.
  6. As noted, it is a specialized camera :
    Canon FA Ophthalmologic Camera

    Here is a chart of accessories for the A line in general from the day when...

    A-series copy.JPG
    many should work with the FA, so far as it is a FD-mount camera

    Not including the F A
  7. There have been a number of these medical cameras over the years. I had an Elicar MS-1 Medical Camera which has a detachable macro lens, as here:

    LINK --------- The Elicar MS-1 Medical Camera

    There was also the Yashica Dental Eye which had a non detachable lens. Also a similar Minolta who's name escapes me.

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