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  1. Hi all,
    I am happy to have found this forum. I used Canon FD bodies and lenses for years, and collected brochures Canon put out "selling them".

    I have been wondering what to do with these.

    Is there a market for any of this stuff? Are there collectors of it?

    Any and all opinions are appreciated.

    So long for now, Tom
  2. I'm quite an experienced internet seller (and buyer) of photographic items. I've never done very well with this type of ephemera, there doesn't seem to be much demand. You do see quite a lot of brochures etc on the auction site but my gut feeling is that few of them actually sell.

    Why not list some of them on the internet, to test the water? The decision being, whether to list them individually, or group them together in some kind of logical way.

    Others may have different views of course.
  3. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    I've also bought and sold a lot of photo items at auction over the years, and would agree that the demand for this kind of thing seems pretty limited, especially if scans are already available online. Canon FD equipment is pretty common, but it might sell to the right collector if in good condition. I would expect that harder-to-find brochures, such as for the Canon rangefinders, would bring more. Lower-demand items often seem to do better sold as a lot rather than piecemeal, in my experience. You can also check "Sold" listings to get some feel for prices.
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  4. If you're on Facebook, consider joining the "Canon Historical Society" group. Lot of collectors there who may be willing to purchase some of your literature.
  5. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    I actually like old camera advertising and brochures from the '70s and early '80s (reminds me of when I was shopping for my first SLR) and have collected quite a few, though mostly as PDFs. Olympus, Konica, Kiron, and others did some memorable ads back then.
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  6. All,
    Thanks for all the comments,

    Right now time and space are tight, and I was looking to do a mass removal to gain space in my cabinet.

    This comment hit home...
    my gut feeling is that few of them actually sell.

    I may just box them up and put them in the attic for a time in the future when paper is a curiosity?

    So long for now, Tom

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