Canon FD 35/2.0 Yellow Tint?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by vince_jones, Feb 8, 1999.

  1. I have just purchased a FD 35/2.0 lense (breech mount) and it has a yellow tint when looking in the viewfinder. Also shows up on slides. A Canon tech told me this is normal for this lense, surely not! Is there such a thing as a warm lense?


  2. Its also got SSC written on it.
  3. In fact there was an early version of the 35/2 SSC that is said to
    have exactly the color rendition you describe. I haven't checked this
    yet, but the same sources say this is caused by some special kind of
    glass that's used in this lens. However, all this refers to the first
    FD-version of the 35/2. This version has a concave front lens and can
    be stopped down to f/16. The newer version of the 35/2 SSC features a
    usual convex front element and does down to f/22. That's the lens that
    I use - without any color shifts, of course.


    If you own the later version something's definitely wrong. Maybe the
    lens was owned by a smoker before ?-)


  4. That's probably among the factors leading to speculation that certain
    lenses are optimized for B&W, since yellow is one filter color used
    to increase contrast in B&W photography. Years ago when most
    photojournalists used B&W film a fast 35mm lens was considered a good
    substitute for the 50-55mm "normal" lens for available light shots in
    conference rooms, etc. Just a thought.
  5. Vince,
    The yellow cast in this early 35 f2.0 SSC with concave from element
    is from thorium in one or more of its elements. Thorium is used to
    obtain a specific refractive index in optical glass. I own one, and
    corrected the color balance using a Tiffen 82B filter. Thorium is no
    longer used because it is a (slightly) radioactive element. This is
    not so much of a problem being sealed in glass, but for manufacturing
    working with raw thorium dust. I was surprised to see coloration in
    a SSC lens. Maybe it was meant for B+W photography as mentioned
    earlier. I shoot a lot of slides with it (with 82B) and love the
    results. Mine also has B+H (for Bell and Howell) markings. The later
    35 f2.0 lenses with "normal" convex front elements do not have any
    color problems.

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