Canon FD 35 105 Macro Switch question

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by uber_passatelli, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    i've buyed this lens on the web, but when i put it to the macro mode, it's stop and make "click" on the red line under "105mm". I'm wondering if it can go throught the "35mm" red line, or just stop right there under the "105mm" line.
    I've never got a macro like that, it's different.
    Someone have the lens and know how it works for the macro mode ?
    you can see the image below
    thanks in advance
  2. SCL


    According to "The lens maintains a relatively large maximum aperture of f/3.5 throughout the zoom range. A macro mechanism permits close-ups at its extreme 35mm focal length end with a minimum film-to-subject distance of 30cm." I hope this helps.
  3. To set macro mode with this lens, turn the zoom ring to 35mm, slide the macro switch forward, then continue rotating the zoom ring to where the word MACRO is aligned with the orange line.
  4. yes thanks now i've understand...

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