canon fd 300mm 2.8L ssc fluorite v 300mm 2.8L(white)

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  1. Is there a big optical difference between the old fd 300mm 2.8L
    fluorite ssc (blue with green stripe) and the newer 300mm fd 2.8L
    (white). What differences are there and is the newer white 300 worth
    the extra money? Thanks for any help.
  2. Perhaps I shouldn't respond as I've never shot the fluorite lens. I do have the FD 300 2.8L and have shot quite a bit with it and I'm very pleased. I use it routinely with a 1.4x (300 f4) and ocasionally with a 2x (600 f4) with good success.

    Take a look at <> he has some fairly detailed data on the FD lenses. Perhaps someone else out there may know of some other links for FD lens data?
  3. Here is a quick answer. I should be quick as this question is about FD equipment and will probably be deleted real quick. :)

    The optics of the newer (lightgray) FD 300/2.8L are slightly different from the older (black) version. The difference is in the UD elements that the newer lens has. Both have one Fluorite element. Also the new version is different mechanically (e.g. fixed tripod adapter).

    The new version is optically a bit better. You can use it with the original Canon FD converters (or extenders as they are called by Canon). Results with the 1.4x are very good. This combinR×Rçn isE† 420mm F4 lens. The 2x converter results in a 600mm F5.6 lens, which is still very good, but a doesn't reach the level of the 1.4x completely.

    By the way, the FD 300/2.8L is optically completely equal to the EF 300/2.8L. Only the very latest IS version has different optics. Stand alone this lens is one of the very best 300mm lenses ever produced!

    I still use the FD 300/2.8L frequently with converters. Before I bought my FD 500/4.5L, the 300 with 2x converter was my standard lens for bird photography. Very small and light and with a perfect minimum focussing distance.
    ½eJ0D%0 /n my website (PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION) you can find details, pictures and diagrams of the entire range of Canon FD lenses.
  4. The funny characters that appear in the text must have been introced during the transmit or in the database. They were not typed by me this way. While trying to post this message, I keep getting SQL error responses. So I guess it it the database.
  5. Boy, did I mess up - with a 1.4x, I have a 420mm f4 and with a 2x, I have a 600mm f5.6 - for whatever it's worth!
  6. Hi Gary,
    A site I came across a long time ago, that might offers some information about FD-lenses and equipment. Otherwise, I do not know the lenses myself (unfortunately).
  7. see -> english -> camera museum

    The S.S.C. version has 6 lenses in 5 groups and the new one 9/7.
    The new one is a bit heavier and focuses closer (3m vs. 3.5m).
    I'm not sure if the old one has internal focusing which in my
    opinion is important to have.

    The S.S.C. version and the FD400/4.5 which was the first (?) Canon
    tele with internal focusing have both the same release month & year
    so I can't judge based on that.

    BTW: I think it was the S.S.C. version which was used to get
    a famous shot from press balcony in a Parliamrnt House in Finland.
    The shot was taken of a confidential paper note some politician
    was giving to another and it caused a big hello when the photo
    with readable text was published in a newspaper.
    Nice advertisement for Canon.

  8. That shot was of Henry Kissinger reading a "Top Secret For Your Eyes Only" briefing document at the European Summit in 1975. The text of the paper is quite readable. The lens was an FL-F 300mm f2.8 S.S.C. with a 2x extender. Canon use it in some of their advertising literature!
  9. Bob,
    I must say I'm not sure at all if what I remember and wrote is
    correct or not but *perhaps* there was a similar case here as well
    or then I'm just dreaming...
    I got my first camera (Canon FTb) in 1976 so I'm not sure anymore
    after these years.
  10. Ah, I just realized that the summit conference 1975 was kept in
    Helsinki, Finland. Sorry for wasting bandwidth. Is that photo
    available somewhere in the net? Vesa

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