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  1. Hi
    I saw in net that canon made a lens fd 17mmf2.8......its true?
    what you know about this?
    tanks in advance
  2. No, Canon never made an FD 17mm F2.8 lens. They made a 17mm F4.0 lens.
  3. P.S. Don't know why I did not mention how good it is. It was my main lens for 15 years. It was sharp and contrasty and seemed similar in image quality to the Nikon 14/2.8 that I replaced it with.
  4. The 17/4 was quite good indeed. I had the breechlock SSC version for a number of years and was happy with it.
  5. Looks real enough. Certainly not mentioned in the Canon museum. Obviously a New FD prototype. Possibly developed to closely to the advent of EOS and never taken any further. Possibly reworked into the EF 17-35/2.8 L.

    When I switched from the FD 17/4 I was taken aback by the significant moustache distortion of the Nikon 14/2.8. The FD 17 was pretty much free of any distortion. Stuck with the 14/2.8 for seven years before switching to the EF 17 TS-E.

    Canon certainly has a good bloodline of 17mm lenses.
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    LOL easiest way to describe the 17mm f4.0 is it was the best lenses made in the FD mount in that focal length nothing else came even close.
  7. Very good lens. Picked up on ebay a few years ago for use with my F1-N

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