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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mjd, Jul 11, 2004.

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    The shutter and AF buttons on my AF are sticky, nothing major but
    since the body was purchased second hand, having it CLA'd is a good
    idea anyway. A while back I had an awful experience with Canon Factory
    Repair Service (CFRS)in Illinois. Can anyone comment on CFRS New
    Jersey? Good? Bad? Thanks. MD
  2. mjd


    I meant to say opinions sought...
  3. I sent my 100-400 zoom to Canon's NJ repair center a couple of months ago and was very pleased with their servcice. They responded with an estimate within two or three days and completed the repair quickly. I was without the lens less tan two weeks.
  4. I've always found them excellent. The Jamesburg NJ factory service center does all the pro work for the east coast, so they have pretty good people there. Of course like anyone else, sometimes they can make mistakes and sometimes I'm sure stuff gets lost in the bureaucracy. I'm a pro services member and I usually drop my stuff off there in person (they're about 1hr from me), so maybe I get better service than a consumer mailing stuff in to them.

    The Chicago service center does all the Powershot work, but the east and west coast service centers do all the film camera and SLR work as far as I know. Are you sure your camera was serviced in Chicago? Maybe they sent it to the east or west coast centers (assuming it's an SLR).

    Note that people use their cameras more during the summer, so that's when they send in stuff for repair. That can mean turn around times can be longer in summer than in winter.
  5. mjd


    >>Are you sure your camera was serviced in Chicago?

    Well, Elk Grove Village to be more precise, just outside of Chicago if memory serves. I spoke with them several times before, during and after the repair and the camera and lens were indeed "serviced" at their facilities.
  6. I had a lens that needed some work. I drove it to the Canon repair service center in Irvine, California so they could check it out using my camera--to make sure it was the lens, not the camera or a combination of the two that were at fault. I left the lens and within a week my repaired lens was sent via UPS. The cost, I don't recall how much, was not cheap. But I was satisfied with the results.
  7. I recently sent my Canon 20D to Canon Factory Repair in Irvine, CA for repair. I had managed to get dust on the sensor and behind the screen of the LCD after a dusty roadtrip and a season of shooting little league pictures. I had tried to clean the sensor myself and only made matters worse! I called Canon Repair and the folks in Irvine were very helpful. I registered my repair through their online service and sent it in on the 17th of July 2006. They cleaned the sensor, LCD, mirror, view finder...a general complete cleaning and checked all functions. They noted that the problem was not covered by the limited warranty, but provided the service as a courtesy. The camera was returned and back in my hands on July 26th 2006. I was quite pleased and highly recommend Canon's Irvine Repair Center. I feel they truly evaluate each case and make repairs in both their and the customer's best interest.

    What I would appreciate from forum member's is some advice on how to prevent a reoccurrence of the dust problem. I'll always shoot under the same conditions..any way to reduce dust getting in the camera and behind LCD? No problem if you want to email me a response.

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