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  1. Hi,

    Anyone out there know the price for a used or a mint codition Canon
    F-1 Olive Green.Stephen Gandy's web site has a picture of the
    requested Canon F-1.


    Chris Yu
  2. Lotta fake Olive F-1's out there Chris -- be careful.
  3. awahlster

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    The price will be what the seller is asking or if at auction the highest bidder. There is NO set price on any collectable, I know of a guy with two of these (BOTH REAL) and I believe both wer over $600.00. I can ask him I'll post what he tells me.

    By the way Grandy's site is quite wrong about these cameras they have nothing to do with the military they were made for the Japanese domestic market as a collectable about 2500 were made I'll get more details for you.


    Thats true I agree that Gandy's site is wrong as to the military "service" aspect and the mintage number of these January and February 1978 build date Canon Cameras.

    I would never consider taking less than $2,000 for my example. And no its not for sale. Mine is 9.8 condition or better but does not have the custom box or the custom olive drab leather camera bag or the custom green strap assembly. These green body F-1 rarely sell below $1,500 body only. Complete with box and bag and strap expect to pay $3,000.

    Made only for Japan homemarket delivery, only 2,002 were documented and made. It had been said that only 2,000 were made but a well connected canon system collector in the early 1980's had Canon Australia perform a records search and actually 2,002 were made. At the time he owned 3 olive drab issues all purchased before 1980 during three business trips through the Orient. Because he had the three olive drab cameras and was a fantastic 20+ years decade Customer&Collector of Canon, he had serious interest back then. He got the info he required since he had special access. That info has since been purged due to the EOS System emergence. Mr. King sold me my example a few years ago and it now seems to be The Very First one made Canon made in olive drab according to Mr. Bielecki, long time gatherer of F-1 build code data.

    As far as fakes go, a complete teardown would be required to fake this model. As you can see in the picture above of mine it is olive drab inside and out. The leathette is a lighter color too. Not black. The date code needs to match those 2 production months in early 1978 also. The date code is the ink stamp mark in the film chamber. The serial numbers for these exist within a certain range, and are not in a 2,002 consequitive run but instead are issued in among about a 20,000 unit serial number range.

    It's quite rare to find these olive drab F-1 available for sale.

    Of all the special issues I feel olive drab F-1 is the best. Better than olympic badges since the the extra assembly line effort involved required was so much more than a spray-on special olympic badge on a shoulder.

    In early 1978 Japan regained its military after 33 years due to treaty. This signifies the importance of this military colored Olive Drab F-1. Due to that fact it is quite understandable why so few of these F-1 have left Japan even after 26&1/2 years and 5 times their issue price for mint in the box samples.

    They were issued 2 ways: White secondary color or yellow secondary color. Maybe 50/50 I'd guess, though yellow seems to pop up more than white. This observation is based on maybe 8 olive drab bodies I've noticed in 6 years of internet shopping.

  5. Hi Lindy,

    I have spotted a used Canon F-1 Olive Green with the famous 55mm 1.2 ASP FD lens in 90% mint condition in one of the used camera shop here in HONG KONG.The lettering of the CANON and F-1 were in yellowish gold.However, the asking price for the package is rather high- Hong Kong dollar 26,000.00 which is around U.S. $ 3,300.00.Please comment.
  6. You guys will never belived this !!!!! i bought a mint condition Canon F-1 yes F-1!! for ..3.99!!!$$$$$$!!!!!the cameras is original and it even came with is manuals, and even ..yes even its warranty card .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you guys will probaly say where at>>??right ????yard sale???no salvation army (even that a good palce to get cameras ???/i'll tell out here there goodwill that sell per pound and everything is in large blue carts and every so often they change then and so you gotta get in line to lookn= in there ....and that where i found it!!! it was a show box. I have been looking for this camera for 4 long .hard ,bad luck years and now i finally found it !!!i am so happy i can't even type!!
  7. Here is resurrecting an old thread.

    There is one on @bay now, but serial number 578512. Is it fake?

    I've found units 575203, 576787, 577323 and 577740. If there were only 2000 made, 578512 is way too far outside of the serial number range to be real.


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