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  1. Has anyone seen the seller on ebay advertising CLA's for Canon cameras? Has anyone tried his services? The price is only $80, almost seems to good to be true.
    Here's how he lists it: CLA / REPAIR for Canon AE-1 A-1 F-1
  2. Somewhere, it may have been there used to be a discussion of CLA cameras that had been done, even by some seemingly reputable firms, that amounted to nothing but pumping in some lubricant. I can't find the site any more, but there are other warnings about scams in this area (e.g., ).
    I'd be very careful and look very closely at the eBay ratings and history before I'd send it off to parts unknown.
    The easiest sort of "CLA" for the Canon A series is to cure the squeek/chirp and this may be all a dishonest CLA would be - simply lubricating the mirror mechanism. This can be done on your own (e.g., ).
  3. I have done business with this seller, purchasing an absolutely pristine F-1n from him ('08-09).
    Described as freshly CLA'ed by "his" guy, when it arrived with ugly-sounding slow shutter speeds (click...clickbzzzzzzzzzzzt) I immediately returned it for a refund which he duly paid. A shame, as the body was otherwise fabulous...but cameras should never leave the repair bench sounding like that.
    While his after-sale customer service was excellent some up-front QC would've been so much better!
  4. I just had my original F-1 serviced by a local technician, whom I know and trust. The cost was $140 and included new light seals, mirror foam, cleaning, lubrication, repair shutter problem, and calibrate shutter speeds and light meter. A few years ago I had an F-1N serviced and paid $98. No foam was replaced. The big Atlanta camera broker charges a bench fee of $140 for any F-1 service. I too, have been tempted by the online vendors who claim to perform a complete CLA, including seals, for a fraction of what I stated. Seems just too good to be true. My technician advised alot of dissassembly is required to properly service a camera like the F-1. I don't think what I paid is excessive when you consider this type of service will only be performed every 20 years or so!!
  5. It's a real crapshoot these days. Back in 1993, when I lived in New York, there was a guy in the city who redid my F-1n and it was like brand new when he finished. Like an idiot I sold that camera. Got another one about five years ago and had it serviced by some guy listed online (think he may have been in Colorado). Got it back and it wasn't right. Sent it back to him. Got it back and it was a little better. Biggest problem was the mirror box was out of adjustment. When the image was sharp as a tack on the focusing screen, it wasn't sharp as a tack on the film. He said he couldn't do anything about it.
    I finally took the camera apart and shimmed the focus screen, and now it's tack sharp throughout.
    Hard to find someone who really knows those cameras anymore.
  6. Ken Oikawa is the guy to go too. He was a Canon factory tech and does a great job for a reasonable price. If you search the forum you will find lots of good reviews of Ken. He is in Sun city CA tel 951-246-9136. I have no connection with Ken beyond the fact he has done good work for me in the past - be aware his English is not great so he can be difficult to understand. His work is first class.
  7. Thanks, good to know.
    JDM, I just bought a squealing AE-1 Program at a thrift store. I'll try to use that info to fix it.
  8. Oikawa is first rate. I would recc him without hesitation. Please post back once you contact him. I send him my prized F-1 nearly five years ago. Wonder if he is still accepting work.
  9. Hi everyone,
    I have a Canon F1 New for years now and I am still happy with it.
    I just want to make a CLA but unable to find somebody in France to do it.
    I am looking to send it to US, could you send me email of Ken Oikawa to see if he can do the job for me if he is accepting work.
    Any review about this ebay power seller :
    Thanks a lot

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