Canon EOS MK ll truncated jpeg files

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jmaphotography, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. I have been shooting raw with my Mark ll without any problem for 2 years. I
    just did a shoot using L jpegs set to 8 and when I downloaded to CS2 5 out of
    98 images came out as 'truncated'. I reformatted the SD card, shot another
    50/60 images and all seems well. Can someone suggest what went, or is wrong?
    Is it the camera, the SD card or something else? Many thanks - John
  2. Post a lower resolution file, the original is too large to load quickly. What do you mean by truncated?
  3. I would guess that your memory card is starting to wear out. they do that after a while... longer while

    anyway if it starts doing it really bad, maybe try another memory card.
  4. If the cause is the memory card, throw it away immediately....why take change later.
  5. John,

    At any time, did you open the CF door possibly after a burst and before the images wrote properly? Just a thought.
  6. What firmware are you using?
  7. There have been known issues with some CF cards. When it happened to me I got manufacturer to exchange promptly - when shooting unrepeatable subjects missing or corrupt frames are worse than useless
  8. I have the latest firmware 124. You can see what a truncated file is from the image below. I don't remember opening the sd card slot while shooting, or while the buffer was going. Having reformatted the SD card several times now, I don't seem to have this ' truncated ' file problem happen again. Although it hasn't yet, could or should it happen to raw files as well as jpegs? Does anyone think it could be from within the camera, 'cause I also felt too that it may have been a problem with the SD card, but so far it has not been replicated. The CF card does not appear to show this problem. What do you think?
  9. I think god tried to strike you down while taking this picture,, and you were lucky.. only the picture got it. :)

    anyway, sometimes you get glitches, and sometimes those glitches are just freak incidents. it could be that you had just not formated the card in a while, or the camera lost a 1 or 0 somewhere, maybe you pressed the button differently.. either way unless you can repeat the incident consistently it will be hard to ever tell what it was unless you happen to already know what the problem is.

    in the past i have read one or two other posts posted by people with similar problems.. the truncated file that look a lot like yours, and in one case (at least this is what I remember) it was blamed on the memory card and they were advised to get another.. it seemed to have fixed their problem, which then spawned questions about flash memory life. but their problem seemed more consistent. I think it was maybe 1 in 5 pictures were doing that... anyway.

    good luck and sorry for the wordy response

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