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  1. Has anyone tried this app for determining the shutter count on various Canons?

    Another method is supposedly opening an image in Photoshop and selecting "info" in the file drop-down menu, but their screen shot is not what I get.

    Thanks, Adrian
  2. I couldn't find find link to an app in your post. What I've picked up from browsing the web is that Canon cameras don't include 'shuttercount' as part of their exported Exif info. Though on this site, it's claimed that shuttercount is included. I've tried the method using standard Exif tools like Opanda Exif and exiftool without success. It's possible that the shutter count data is hidden in some of the non-designated exif data fields. Bu encoded so that you'd need to know how to decode them. I don't.

    More likely is that the shutter count is only accessible through the Canon Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows software developers to build custom applications to interface with the camera.

    I don't know much about this stuff but there are two apps that look promising:
    - shuttercount
    - Canon EOS Digital Info

    I haven't tried either of these tools so their use is at your own risk.

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  3. I've had some success here:

    Check Camera Shutter Count and Manufacture Date

    Also if you download the free Irfanview image viewing programme and plug ins, you can read the full EXIF data via Image - Information, which may display the shutter count as "total shots" or something similar..
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  4. Thanks, Mike. I didn't have a link in my post but I had Canon EOS Digital Info in the title.
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  5. Thanks, John. Check Camera Shutter.... is 0-2 so far. One more strike and it's out! Thanks anyway. That did give a lot of information, but manufacturer date and shutter count was not available. I checked with out-of-the-camera jpegs, as directed.
  6. I opened CR2 files from two different bodies in Irfanview, and the EXIF displayed did not include shutter count.
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  7. Magic Lantern software gives shutter count. I used it successfully on my Canon 5DII before I sold it. However, it is not (yet?) available for my new 5 DIV.

    "Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren't included from the factory by Canon."
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  8. Thank you, Glenn. I'm going to try Canon EOS Digital Info tomorrow. I'll look into Magic Lantern also.
  9. Canon EOS Digital Info didn't run. A reviewer for the latest version said the download didn't have an exe file. It wasn't in my download either, so no luck so far.
    I may have to use Magic Lantern if I'm curious enough.
    I had just gotten a couple Canon DSLR cameras and I was curious how much they've been used.
  10. There are some things we are not meant to know.
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  11. That's funny, you don't look like the Scotsman that usually says this in the old horror movies.o_O

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