Canon EOS A2e M42 Adapter Battery Drain

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by cyrus_beh, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have an M42 adapter that has an AF confirm chip on it, and I routinely mount it on my Canon EOS DSLR and also Canon EOS Rebel film camera. The problem is, when I mount it on my A2E, it resulted in a completely drained battery over 2 hours (the battery was new). I wonder if there are any known issues with these adapters. Someone mentions this in passing when answering some other question about battery life (a post from 7 years ago!), but I have been unable to get any more information.
    I am just wondering if I may have left the camera in a position where some button was depressed the last time and not notice it. That will in fact be the best case scenario since I really enjoy my M42 lenses. Thanks!
  2. You're lucky it didn't do what my focus-confirmation Nikon adapter did - it shorted out the camera and put the full charge from the battery into the camera circuitry, all at once, which had to be replaced (as confirmed by the Canon-authorized service facility it was sent to) (see the full story at ). There was just a tiny puff of smoke as my 20D died. The manual Nikkor was not damaged. :)
    This is why I tell people the best focus confirmation is what you used on your old manual cameras -- your eye. Even on my old 20D, which does not have the brightest of viewfinders, I can see well enough even with my old and reworked eyes to focus. On a newer camera or a 35mm-sensor camera, you don't really need any focus confirmation unless you are very insecure. I have long since pried off all the chips off the adapters I have and use the hence too-expensive ring on its own.
    In my experience with the adapters, they are too risky for what they promise to offer. Think of it: a tiny length of pirated circuitry (from some real Canon AF lens) more or less "glued" on, perhaps in the right place, perhaps not. With age and use it can shift or fall off.
  3. Wow. That's quite a story. I am glad my camera didn't do the same. I would use a unchipped adapter, except the A2E is quite a nuisance of a camera. It refuses to meter when there is no chip on the camera, so I have to literally go completely manual. Which would have been ok, except that the A2E does not have a +-2-stop meter indicator, but instead uses a primitive Over/Under indicator. Let's hope my new EOS-3 will behave better. :)
  4. I'm with JDM. Those chip adapters are bad news. Too bad they are even necessary. Nikons and Pentaxes will focus confirm with any old thing up front.
    I don't have an A2E, but am surprised it won't mirror without a chip. My Elan, 10S, and even lowly Rebel S will meter and shoot in Av with unchipped M42 adapters.

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