Canon EOS 630 GR20 Grip with remote terminal

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  1. Heads up! If you are looking for a GR20 for your old Canon EOS 600 series film camera, many sellers have misidentified GR30s as GR20s.

    They list a GR20 for sale or auction, but in fact they have only a BOX for a GR20, that somehow now has a GR30 inside. The dead giveaway is the lack of the terminal on the outside or the 3 contact strips on the inside.

    Here is an example:

    The GR20 was the only grip for these cameras that had the remote control terminal built in. It was optional on the 650, 630, and 600 and came standard on the 620. Many people would buy the optional GR20 grip and install it on their camera. They would then put the old GR30 in the GR20 box for "safe keeping". (this can sometimes be a problem when shopping for a GR10 "Large" grip as well)

    Many years later these "GR20s" would be put up for sale with the seller not knowing what he really had. These grips actually have GR10, GR20, or GR30 molded into the inside of the grip so there should be no doubt as to which version you are getting.

    Here are some photos of the various grips as well a couple showing the two color versions of the EOS 630:












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  2. Yes! I've even seen a GR20 box with a GR30 inside for sale in a camera shop. There used to be some instructions online for adding contacts etc to a GR30 to convert it - I think with the later mini jack type of remote socket
  3. The site with these instructions seems to have gone, but there's an almost complete copy at the Internet Archive here:

    Wayback Machine
  4. Thanks, it's great to get the details on the record.
  5. I forgot to mention my EOS 630 with the GR20 grip also has the "T90 Vertical Release Button" which allows for easier shutter release in portrait orientation. I bought mine years ago from a guy who had 2 of them for sale at $20 each. I should have bought them both because they are very rare today.



  6. Happens a lot with all sorts of camera accessories.

    Probably the most common 'mix up' is with focussing screens. You pick up a box that declares it contains, say, a type B or E screen, only to find it contains the bog-standard type K that was swapped out for the screen that originally came in the box.

    Or you pick up a Nikon, Canon, 'blad or Heliopan filter keeper that has some crappy uncoated and unbranded Skylight filter hidden inside.

    Caveat emptor!
  7. What's the difference between the G10 and the G30?
  8. _001.jpg

    The GR30 is the standard grip that comes on the EOS RT, 600, 630, 650.
    The GR20 has an N3 terminal for a Canon remote switch 60T3. It came standard on the EOS 620. (it is also an optional grip for the others) _008.jpg

    The GR10 is a larger grip that has an attachment for a leather hand strap which is included in the box.

    _003.jpg _004.jpg
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  9. Correction: The GR20 has a T3 terminal, not an N3 terminal
  10. Off the original topic, but THANKS for posting the pics of the EOS 630 in both black and metallic grey! From what I can find, the EOS 600 was only available in metallic grey. Your pic confirms the EOS 630 was available in both colour options. (BTW it was the first EOS camera to be available in multiple colours.)

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