Canon EOS 630 - Another Historic Canon Camera

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by jdm_von_weinberg, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. An historical correction -

    With the "new", it is no longer possible to post pdf files, so they are all lost in these older posts
  2. I always felt the 630 was a bit “unfinished.” Oh the 5fps advance and the slightly faster AF were improvements over the 650/620. The custom functions can be useful especially leader out rewind. And the predictive AF could be a benefit to sports and action photographers. But I still am scratching my head as to why the 1/4000 (1/250 x-sync) shutter was left out? The 630 was quite impressive otherwise for its time.

    In 1990, I chose the 620 on clearance over the 630 for the faster shutter. It was more suited to what I wanted to do.
  3. I still use that lens on my Canon 6D !

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