Canon EOS 5 film body "sticky" grip problem

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by martin_hardy, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I have recently inherited an EOS 5 film body in as new condition,the only problem with it is the hand grip that doubles
    as the battery cover is very "sticky",and is quite unpleasant to hold in use.The glue seems to have migrated through
    from the underside of the plastic base,but the textured finish is still solidly attatched to the base,(weird!).I was
    wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their EOS 5, and if they had found anything that would remove the
    stickiness without damaging the grips finish.I guess it's unlikely i will find a new replacement part, as this camera
    has long since been discontinued by Canon.I have also tried a fair few dealers in used camera gear here in the
    U.K.,and have so far drawn a blank, and they would probably charge a ridiculous amount for one aswell :-/.
    I would really like to use the camera without the "Yuck" factor every time i pick it up.
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Have you tried cleaning it with extraction naphtha or alcohol? I think you will still find some parts available because
    they resumed production of EOS 5 three times but they probably won't worth their price. If cleaning doesn't help you
    could just stick a very thin, tough rubber in there (just like in new cameras). It would make your grip a lot more
    comfortable and you wouldn't feel stickness anymore.
  3. *I meant - but the part probably won't be worth its price.
  4. Okay Michael,thanks.
    Would lighter fluid be suitable to use, as i have some of that at home.
  5. Lighter fluid is almost always just more expensive naphtha.

    Do try it on a small area first, as always with any solvent.

    Another, even milder, cleaner that is very useful are any of the "waterless hand sanitizers"
  6. There is no glue as the grip is simply a molded piece of plastic with a clearcoat finish. The sweat of the prior owner has
    turned the plastic "clearcoat" into goo. It was a common problem with the EOS 5/A2E, Rebels and Elans back in the day.
    Remove the grip and clean off the remaining clearcoat with lighter fluid. Worked for me but it as a flat cheap look. After
    stripping it I sprayed with polyurathane and it lasted for many years. Much better than Canon's finish.
  7. Sound like feeling I usually have when holding rental car steering wheel. Are you sure it's not just, kinda, well, dirty ? Cloth soaked with warm water and a bit soap cures it quickly.
  8. Thanks to everyone who contributed.Used lighter fluid with cotton buds,lots of scrubbing,problem solved.
  9. FAIW, baby oil is great for cleaning sticky/oily goo. It works very gently, often swelling the goo so that it can be rubbed away. It's especially good for adhesive removal.

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