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  1. A friend recently purchased through a local online site a used film camera, a Canon EOS 3000. He actually wanted the 28-90mm lens (I think that is what was included) for another project with his XS DLSR.
    From what I can find, the 3000 was a European/Asian version of a North American Rebel film camera, but which one? I did a search on the PN archives (and Google), but there are differing comments as to whether it might be a Rebel X, K, or whatever. Any definitive answer?
    The camera came with a bottom mount battery pack, something I don't think I've seen or heard of previously. I had use of a Rebel X where I worked some time ago. Anyone have any info, as I might be interested in buying the body from my friend as a collectible camera that I could use with my EOS lenses.
  2. It would be more accurate to describe the Rebel as the name attached in the USA to cameras known by some other designation internationally. The EOS3000 (1999–2001) was the EOS 88 in some markets, but may not have been sold in the USA at all. The EOS 3000N (2001–2003) was the Rebel XS N , and the EOS 3000V (2003–?) was the Rebel GII. I suppose everything is collectible to somebody or other, but if you want an EOS film body there are more interesting choices.
  3. Canon Camera Museum
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  4. I'm pretty familiar with the used market for these cameras. Anything in the Rebel series is only worth about $20-40, depending more on the time of day and the day of the week, rather than on its condition or specific model number. Now that the Elan II's and 7's are almost as cheap, it would be foolish to try to save a couple dollars at the sacrifice of so much more quality and features. And for just a few more dollars, you can get an EOS 5 or EOS 3, both of which are much more useful cameras than any of the Rebels.
    Basically, if it's not an EOS 1, it's not worth much.
  5. Thanks for the replies! I was only interested in the camera because my friend doesn't need/want it, mentioned offering it for $25.00 or so: I can probably get it for less. I had a range of EOS film cameras before I switched to digital, so I am aware of them. I just thought this cheapo one might be something to have around if I ever wanted to try film with my current EOS lenses. I was mostly curious where the 3000 fit in the line.

    The link to the Canon museum was especially interesting, I can trace what Canons I've owned in the past 45 years ago and see where they fit in the line.
  6. Try this link:
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