CANON EOS 1Ds Mark III Body Massive price drop

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by carlwakefield, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. I just saw the online discount price for the CANON EOS 1Ds Mark III Body fell from 8000 sfr to 4300. Does that mean canon is just about to release a new model. What other reason could there be with just a massive price drop? Any body heard anything.
  2. Where did you see this? Are you sure it is not one of those scam sites?
  3. There are three sites in Switzeland offering this.
    They can not all be scams. The only problem will between order date and delivery. But I am sure its no scam.
  4. They can not all be scams.​
    ? ? There are more than three sites in Brooklyn NY all offering marvelous deals on 5D mkii cameras, for example, and they are all scams. Just advising caution. The USA sellers don't seem to be offering any similar deals yet.
  5. JDM I agree and would also feel that way but these swiss companies have been around for years are well known. The next week will tell if more do the same. I think it indicates a new body from Canon will be released. The price drop is since two days so its new. Somebody must know about this. Let wait and see.
  6. What other reason could there be with just a massive price drop?
    There's a sucker born every minute and an online scam to match the gullible, newbie online shoppers.
  7. when a deal is to good to be!
  8. zml


    Actually, the price in legitimate places in Europe has been on a little upswing lately. (It hovers around $6000 in the US. And IMO at $6000 it is the best value in high-end cameras ever.)
    As for the new model - those in the know ain't talking and those who talk know absolutely nothing about it.
  9. The rumour is 30 - 32 megapixel in the fall but this is just a rumour. It would be consistant with the three prior generations. This is in line with prior behaviour, the 1Ds has 11mp vs 4.15 for the 1D and launched 11 months later. The 1DsII had 16.7 Mp vs 8.2 for the 1DII and launched 7 months later. The 1DsIII had 21.1 MP vs 10.1 for the 1DIII and launched 6 months later. A August - November launch of a 30 - 32 MP camera would seem about right.
  10. that's the website i buy from sometimes...
    recently i got a 5dii from them - everything on time, no problems, no scam... they have 1dsiii for around €4800 for couple of weeks over there, while prices in camera stores in dublin are still around €6500 - €6900
  11. Put 'Simply Electronics Complaints' into Google and stand back! I had a very bad experience with them and it took me a long time to get my money back! And the lies were incredible and they had no stock!
  12. OK Guys I have to say I could not resist buying for that price.
    Yes you were right I never received the camera and I have had to fight with the company and get legal help from the credit card company and have finally now got my money back. It was to good to be true.
    Regards Carl

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