Canon Elan II film door latch piece

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  1. I know this was asked, but perhaps not in the right context. Bought
    Elan II with broken film latch (the small latch that on the left that
    latches onto the door to close it) that needs to be replaced. How
    simple is this to repair, Where can I find directions on the repair
    itself, how much does it usually cost for either Canon or a repair
    shop to fix, & other than Canon, exactly where can I find the part?
    Several questions, but wanted to make it more precise for answers.
    Any help is so greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Check with this site:>>> <<<They show an Elan II service manual for $9.99. From experience with other broken latches on popular cameras, I'd say you're in for a charge from about $35 to $60, depending where you send it. Even with the manual, you'll still need to acquire the parts, new or used. Check with Canon.
  3. I took mine to a Cannon Auth shop and it was fixed in a few days for $20. I later read that if you call Canon you can have them ship a new latch directly to you. Looks like all you need is a small screwdriver to do the repair.
  4. As I recall, the latch comes attached to a new door as a tiny assembly. I installed one on an Elan IIe a few years ago. It wasn't all that difficult, but you can't get a regular screwdriver into the battery compartment so you normally have to disassemble a few body parts. You might be able to get a speciallized offset driver directly in there, but you would likely have to make one yourself. The battery dor was cheap and Canon USA shipped right away.
  5. The Canon Elan II has a defect in the door latch design. All the weight
    of the door hook in on the latch hook; the door hook has a good amount
    of plastic to hold the hook on; the latch is very small and breaks easy.

    The Repair takes about 30 minutes! Order parts from:

    Canon U.S.A.
    100 Jamesburg Road
    PO BOX 1000
    Jamesburg, NJ 08831
    Phone: (732)521-7230
    Fax: (800)258-0900

    Part Number: CF1-3129-000 LEVER, BACK COVER LATCH

    I ordered three for just under $15 (parts, tax, shipping)!

    Ten screws to remove with small philips. . .be careful not
    to strip out the heads.

    Make sure lense is removed.

    Remove side panel.

    Pull off front cover.

    Pull back other cover.

    Pull out bad part. . .careful of the spring

    Put all screws back in.

    Run test roll.

    email me if you have any problems.

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